1000 career opportunities at Dassault Aviation: applications open

Professional horizons at Dassault Aviation are expanding with the announcement of 1,000 job openings, marking a prosperous period for employment in aeronautics.

This wave of opportunities encourages applications for Dassault, a company known for its significant contributions to aerospace and promoting diversity at Dassault. This job opening sends a strong message about professional equality and the promotion of women's careers in this aeronautical giant. The doors are opening to welcome talents ready to embrace a diverse career, rich in innovation and technical challenges.

Professional progress and feminization of aeronautics

Reaching the pinnacle of your career at Dassault is a tangible reality, illustrated by exceptional trajectories like that of Valérie Guillemet. Her appointment as the first woman on Dassault Aviation's board of directors marks a milestone for professional equality within the company. Representing the dynamism and diversity at Dassault, she is paving the way for many women's careers in the aeronautical sector.

Feminization of the industry is an expressed ambition aimed at strengthening professional equality. Concrete initiatives, such as setting ambitious targets for aviation employment, aim to attract more women. Actions such as partnerships with associations promote awareness and guide young girls towards careers in aeronautics, thus contributing to a future where gender does not determine professional vocation.

The industry is open to women, diversity is a major issue that needs to be worked on from a young age.

A range of occupations for different profiles

From the design office to the production line, aeronautical careers at Dassault Aviation encompass a multitude of skills and expertise. Aerodynamic design, a key element of aircraft performance, attracts engineers, while aircraft production requires profiles such as technical fitters, crucial to the precision and quality of the finished product.

A varied career at Dassault is possible thanks to the wide range of occupations. This variety of roles allows everyone to find their place and develop within the company. Whether participating in the development of the iconic Falcon jets or contributing to the reliability of military aircraft, each position is a key part of Dassault Aviation's continued success.

Commitment to learning and professional integration

Dassault Aviation Group considers aeronautical learning a strategic investment for the future. Welcoming hundreds of apprentices and trainees each year, Dassault is actively engaged in recruiting young talent, offering them privileged access to a promising career.

This policy of integration after work and studies is a guarantee of knowledge transfer and optimal preparation for the professional world. Dassault Aviation courses are designed to meet not only the specific needs of the company, but also the high demands of the aviation sector in general. This is why a large number of apprentices and trainees are offered a job at the end of their training.

“Learning is the foundation of our skills development strategy. Every year we are proud to integrate these young people who represent the future into our teams.”

Valérie Guillemet, Director of Human Resources at Dassault Aviation

Aeronautical sector: fertile ground for young graduates

For students looking for a postgraduate course, opportunities for young people in the aeronautical sector are plentiful and varied. Dassault Aviation, an active member of Gifas, is one of those companies where innovation rhymes with passion and where attractive salaries are an additional argument to convince the undecided. Parcoursup can therefore be the starting point for a career in this fascinating field.

Aeronautics is synonymous with high technology and constant progress, providing a stimulating environment for curious and innovative minds. Gifas recruitment reflects a dynamic industry that is constantly looking for new talent. At Dassault Aviation, investing in the design and development of exceptional aircraft is within the reach of those driven by the desire to push the boundaries of the possible.

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