26 years of career, and still young, Sangria Gratuite releases a new title: “People need to party more and more”

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“Let's wake up!” It is the latest title of the festive Pyrenean trio Sangria Gratuita, which has been performing on the stage for more than a quarter of a century, but without any wear and tear! Interview with guitarist David Epi, who together with Laurent Delpech and Pascal Gibeaux make up this indestructible trio.

David, after 26 years of career, do you still find yourself in music today?

Music is fifty professions today! Precisely communication, social networks, are a huge opportunity to reach people, but at the price of a lot of work. On the other hand, we have structured ourselves to produce our albums ourselves. The whole musical circle has changed. Only the songs remain the driving force behind everything.

At the heart of this entire transition, Free Sangria hasn't budged…

Yes, we remained the same trio, which proves that we did not make a mistake at the start. When we look at other groups around us, through so much time, without changing anyone, there are few of us.

Always the same pleasure and the same intensity on stage for Sangria Gratuite.  / Archive LD

Always the same pleasure and the same intensity on stage for Sangria Gratuite. / Archive LD

Does the scene remain the trigger?

We write songs to play on stage, even unconsciously. To share them with the public, about topics that touch us, that we feel, but without being an engaged group. We were born on stage. Our fuel is this holiday essence. Some will say that we calmed down a bit, but the energy, the pace, did not drop too much. Even after more than a thousand concerts, there is no wear. As soon as we step on stage, we look twenty years younger. And when there are only three of us, we need everything. With three people, everyone has to give twice as much!

Free Sangria isn't moving, but its audience?

We see the children of our first fans coming (laughs). People tell us to come and share this with their family. We are proud that we can make five generations dance without stepping on each other's toes. Especially at a time when the public is not too open to music. All this was done at concerts in the squares. There are our fans and others who need to be convinced and looked for. We try to entertain everyone. We saw metalheads who told us at the end of the concert that they liked our energy…

Always the same pleasure and the same intensity on stage for Sangria Gratuite.  / Archive LD

Always the same pleasure and the same intensity on stage for Sangria Gratuite. / Archive LD

Is it still easy to party?

Society is still cruel, life is hard. And somewhere, people need more and more entertainment, to have this escape. We feel it and they tell us too. If we can put smiles on their faces for an hour and a half, allow them to relax, that is our role as artists, as public entertainers.

This title “Let's wake up” is timely…

For us, a song has to tell something, a story. Today we may have a little more perspective than in the past. The funny thing is that this song was written in 2019, but we didn't save it for the album. It was not completed at that time. The arrangements have changed and we have the impression that we are playing it somewhere at the right time, although this theme of revolt is somewhat timeless. We don't ask too many questions. When we like something, we tell ourselves that others might like it and let it go. This corresponds to the evolution of music that is everywhere and nowhere, except on stage where people want the real, tangible.

And in 25 years, what will Free Sangria be?

We don't ask ourselves the question… As long as people want to see us and we have energy, we will go! We have reached a turning point. We don't really have any fear anymore, although we know from the beginning that everything can stop very quickly in music. As long as the pleasure is shared, we will continue. Look, it's been a while since we've been on stage and we miss you. We can't wait for the next date.

Over time, you became ambassadors of the territory…

We're all from here. We naturally sing our corner of the country. But surprisingly, it is the public that identifies. We see it in exiles. Our songs bring them back home. The current context also means that people must stick to their roots. Besides, we are very popular in Paris. Our music travels. It's funny because we do something personal, but that affects people far away…

About thirty dates already

For Sangria Gratuite, the 2024 calendar is already full with no less than 35 dates scheduled. Among them, only one in Bigorre, on August 10 in Argelès-Gazost. But a few nearby: May 24 in Monassut-Audiracq, August 25 in Nay or August 30 in Bizanos, not forgetting the gangs in Condom from May 11.

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