4000 jobs in 50 professions, dare!

Faced with changes in the job market and the new aspirations of Generation Z, the Air Force and Space Force are launching a major armed recruitment drive.

With 4,000 career opportunities spread across fifty professions, the institution is intended for those who dare to imagine a future where military service rhymes with quality professional training and fulfillment at work. This strategic initiative responds to contemporary strategic challenges, where cutting-edge technology and air and space missions define a new air defense flight plan. Unique campaign “What if it was for you?” designed by the Romance agency aims to overturn stereotypes and encourage people to join the Aviator community.

Meeting the challenges of tomorrow with the Air Force

At the heart of current strategic challenges, the Air and Space Forces are setting an ambitious vision, focused on cutting-edge technology and the ability to constantly adapt. This prestigious institution, recognized for its mastery of air and space missions, strives to strengthen its rank by anticipating the needs of tomorrow. The goal is clear: to protect the national and international territory by air and space, following a rigorous flight plan, while opening different profiles to enrich its ranks.

Recruitment campaign launched for the period 2024-2027. is part of this dynamic. The Air Force and Space Force offers nearly 4,000 attractive opportunities a year, in fields as diverse as cybersecurity and mechanics. It's an invitation to join an armed force resolutely forward-looking, where air defense rhymes with innovation and operational excellence.

A new era for the youth labor market

Generation Z's career aspirations are at the heart of the Air Force and Space Force's concerns. This generation, in search of professional success and fulfillment at work, rejects boredom and lack of concreteness. This is why the institution offers dynamic and meaningful careers that match this new relationship with work. It adapts to current trends such as the “big resignation”, offering attractive and fulfilling prospects for military engagement.

The army thus positions itself as the employer of choice for young people eager to find meaning in their professional activity. With qualifying training and the promise of development, the Air Force and Space Force aims to be a catalyst for potential and passion, allowing each young person to chart a personal and professional trajectory that fulfills their ambitions. .

Join the family of aeronautics enthusiasts

Joining the Air and Space Forces means first and foremost joining a community of aviators, united by a passion for aeronautics and shared strong values. Here, constant training and professional stability are the pillars that offer every newbie the opportunity to develop and advance in a structured framework. Whether as an NCO or an officer, every career is dotted with opportunities for internal advancement.

The Air Force and Space Force values ​​diversity of profile, recognizing that each person contributes to the richness and effectiveness of the institution. With occupations spanning 13 different fields, it offers a range of careers where everyone can find their place and realize their potential, supported by a spirit of friendship and mutual assistance.

An innovative campaign to break down prejudices

The Romance Agency, in cooperation with the Air Force, designed a bold communication campaign to arouse the interest of young people. Under the title “What if it was for you?” », this initiative aims to deconstruct preconceived ideas and present the army as a large French company. It highlights the variety of occupations available and emphasizes the importance of modern and affordable military engagement.

This innovative approach is based on a relevant digital strategy, addressing young people directly through the platforms they use, such as TikTok or Instagram. By introducing dynamic and interactive content, it encourages potential candidates to consider the Air Force and Space Force not only as a potential employer but also as a place for personal and professional development.

To learn more about this ambitious program or to apply, simply go to become-aviateur.fr or contact the CIRFA employment center.

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