5 artists who ended their careers

5 artists who ended their careers

Serge Lama and Sylvie Vartan have just announced the end of their careers.

Although we had a very rich and very rich 2023 in terms of French song, including albums by Vianney, Claudio Capé and even Renaud, we were also treated to a bit of sad news. Among them, too, we saw that quite a few artists announced that they were suspending their activity or simply withdrawing from the scene and the media. This is an opportunity to settle accounts with those who recently announced their “retirement”, and who we already miss, to say “thank you for everything” for the last time!

Sylvie Vartan

We start with the latest announcement, which is still painful: Sylvie Vartan will no longer go on stage and will probably not release an album again, even if she left the door open for a new album. The singer will pay her respects during three concerts planned at the Palais des Sports in November 2024, and we already know that the emotion will be strong at the farewell with the audience. Because, Sylvie Vartan has always been a very respected personality among the French, but also quite discreet, far from the exuberant personality of her ex-husband Johnny Hallyday, with whom she attracted media attention for almost 20 years. We can't say what we remember from his extensive discography with 44 studio albums and an incredible number of singles, many of which were written by his brother Eddie. We only know that Sylvie Vartan will forever remain “The Most Beautiful at the Dance”, even today, at the age of 79!

Serge Lama

Another sacred monster of French song that succumbed in 2023. The announcement is not a surprise this time because several years have passed since the singer announced that he wanted to end his career, he whose health has been fragile since he started in show business, due to the consequences of a traffic accident. Despite all this, he spent almost his entire life on stage or at the microphone, and he started publishing songs at the age of 21. Today, he has 80, but also 24 solo albums on the clock, we can say that he will devote himself a lot to music, and that the latter will come back to him well. Touching, sensitive, emotional and also very talented, Serge Lama touched the hearts of generations of listeners of French songs, which were inevitably marked by “Je suis sick”, his most emblematic composition, which we can immediately listen to again!

Jean-Jacques Goldman

Probably the biggest name present on this list. Not that other artists are unimportant, but Jean-Jacques Goldman has simply been a part of every major popular musical success in France for almost 40 years, whether behind the microphone, as a composer or as an author. Goldman is an artist who was in demand in the world of music, and he collaborated with almost all the biggest names in French music: Johnny Hallyday, Céline Dion, Garou, Florent Pagny… He even composed a piece for the great Ray Charles. Well, obviously his “loss”, that is, his withdrawal from the music industry, the media and entertainment, makes us a little sad. But that is nothing compared to the emotions one feels listening to his pieces. A true lover of music, passionate, dedicated, generous, in short, an inimitable artist, which we could see already in 1985 when “Je te donne” was published.

Alain Chamfort

Another recent retirement announcement, from the great of French song in the person of Alain Chamfort. In fact, the singer already announced his retirement in mid-January. But he decided to take care of his departure, as he also announced the release of his latest album, “L'Impermanence”, which is scheduled for March 2024, as well as the EP, “Alain Chamfort produced by Sebastien Tellier”, which he just released. a few days ago. We will remember many things from the singer's career, especially his incredible hit “Manureva”, inspired by the story of a missing French sailor and his ship, which has the same name as the title of the song. A piece written by Serge Gainsbourg and revised by the same Serge, after Alain Chamfort pointed out to him that he thought the lyrics were a bit old-fashioned. It was this request that allowed him to be remembered for so long!

Eddie Mitchell

The news that perhaps hurts the most, because it really marks the end of an era, those of our parents and our grandparents, who were accompanied in their lives by Eddy's music, Mitchell, and his character as a pig. We were all very sad when the artist announced that he would never perform again, but we understand that he prefers to remain silent. In recent years, every time a media outlet asked for a singer, it was to get him to react to current events or to a new generation of artists that the singer is not a fan of. It was obviously not the best way to highlight someone who has forty albums in his discography and who has been in the music business since 1950. A life almost entirely dedicated to music, especially rock'n'roll and country, for which noblemen wrote letters in France, he and his great friend Johnny. It is impossible to choose the most memorable among all the great works of his career, but what is certain is that we will not see an artist of this caliber for a long time!

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