6 years after the release of this sci-fi film, its sequel has just been officially announced, but it will be without Steven Spielberg at the helm

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This time we are sure: Ready Player One will indeed have the right to a sequel. Steven Spielberg himself says so. During the gala dinner organized by Universal Pictures after the Oscars, the director confirmed that he has started work on this second opus, which will bear the very sober title of Ready Player Two. However, this time Spielberg will settle for the position of producer, and will leave the direction of the film to someone else. The challenge will therefore be difficult, especially since the second part of the series, which will inspire the project on the big screen, met with a rather divided reception…

According to the box office double?

We still had to wait six years to finally get confirmation that a sequel to Ready Player One was in the works. It's quite long, especially considering the success of the film. With just over $600 million in revenue, it was one of the most profitable films ever made by Steven Spielberg.

Ready Player One projected us into 2045, a future that could be described as dystopian since people are mostly content living in the OASIS, an omnipresent virtual metaverse. The film was enough to make us wonder about our own society, increasingly turned to screens and existing in fictitious universes that serve as an escape.

The second volume criticized

Succeeding Spielberg at the helm of a franchise that will crystallize many expectations is no easy feat. And the challenge promises to be really tough since Ernest Cline's novel Ready Player Two, which will of course inspire the film, was met with a stormy reaction from readers. Rated 4.8/10 by SensCritique, the second volume was flooded with negative reviews. He has been accused of dragging out and half-heartedly heating up the narrative elements that made the first book a success.

So we'll probably have to redouble our efforts to get audiences in theaters!

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