A scandal that could destroy Nic Pizzolatto's Hollywood career

HBO's True Detective immediately attracted attention from the very beginning, when Nic Pizzolatto began the first season of the series starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. The story, performances and every little detail were praised by both critics and audiences. The series quickly spawned second seasons, but none could measure up to the first. Then Nic Pizzolatto took a step back and Issa Lopez joined as the new creator of the fifth season. And then things got better.

With its two main actresses – Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, True Detective: Nightland became a new favorite, and it seems that series creator Nic Pizzolatto didn't like it too much. When Night Country aired, creator Issa Lopez received many positive reviews for the story, as did the season's two leads – both women. Industry veteran Jodie Foster and newcomer Kali Reis managed to capture the audience's attention and deliver incredible performances throughout the season.

But after the success of season four, Nic Pizzolatto seemed a little upset. He started liking Instagram posts that criticized or made negative comments about the season. Things did not stop there, he even made several negative comments about the story when in one of the episodes a scene from the first season of the series was mentioned. When asked about it, Pizzolatto was evasive, saying he didn't do anything to disparage the series. He even made a separate post on Instagram, asking fans not to hold a grudge against him or his family over all of this. But in the age of the Internet, every negative post he previously liked or shared about the Night Country didn't go away, and now he's facing the consequences.

After his inauspicious actions, Nic Pizzolatto could find himself on the Hollywood blacklist, besides becoming an enemy of the fans. After True Detective: Night Country managed to get better numbers than the show's first season, the show's creator caused his own downfall with negative comments. Fans overreacted, given that the recent season was created and directed by female artists. It wouldn't be surprising if Amazon ends up replacing Pizzolatto with someone less problematic after recent events. True Detective: Night Country is available to stream on HBO.

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