A year after the Oscar, Key Huy Quan gets the first leading role in his career

The actor from the movie Everything, everywhere, everything at once will welcome us to the cinema on February 7, 2025 for the concentration of the action.

In 2023, Team Everything, Everywhere, Everything at Once swept the 95th Academy Awards and won seven golden statuettes, including Best Supporting Actor for Ke Huy Quan. A year later, the 52-year-old actor will finally have the opportunity to put his name on top of the poster. Variety reveals that Universal is preparing a project in which an American-Vietnamese translator would play the main role. Directed by Jonathan Eusebio, making his first appearance behind the camera, With Love will be released in theaters on February 7.

The Everything, Everywhere All At Once director's next film has a release date

If we don't know the details of the script yet, Universal promises us action. An announcement that is not surprising when we know that Jonathan Eusebio has made a career as a stunt coordinator, especially for The Avengers, John Wick and Deadpool. Moreover, one of the film's producers happens to be David Leitch, also a former stand-in – notably Brad Pitt – turned director, notably with John Wick, Bullet Train or even The Fall Guy to be released this year.

Choosing Ke Huy Quan to headline an action film is also very logical. After debuting with Spielberg in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Richard Donner's The Goonies, the actor also had a career as a stuntman and fight choreographer, notably in Bryan Singer's X-Men released in 2000. A specialty that proved useful for a performance that it won him an Oscar for his supporting role in Daniels' film.

A year after the Oscar, Key Huy Quan gets the first leading role in his career

This first role is great news for the actor who has continued to live his American dream since his return. We remember his moving words on the Oscar stage last year:

“My adventure started on a ship. I spent a year in a refugee camp. By chance I found myself here, on the biggest stage in Hollywood. They say stories like this only happen in movies. I can't believe what I'm going through. It's the American dream.”

We can't wait to see Ke Huy Quan on screen, but while we wait to hear more about With Love, he'll be appearing in the Russo Brothers' The Electric State, reuniting with his co-star Michelle Yeoh, alongside Millie Bobby Brown, Chris Pratt and Stanley Tucci. The film doesn't have a release date yet, but it will be available on Netflix soon.

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