Alexandre Abrivard: “This is a turning point in my career”

Has this trial and period that you are going through changed your perspective on things from now on?
Yes, undoubtedly. I am 30 years old and this is a turning point in my career. Maybe from now on I will think a little more about myself and my family. I risk becoming more selfish in a way. That's what I'm telling myself today, but when I resume my activities, will my vision remain the same? I would like to do my job as I want and have less obligations on myself. In the short term, I will take time to fully recover from injury and generally prioritize quality over quantity in 2024. I remain a competitor and a winner, but not at any cost. While I'm talking to you, I'm telling myself that when I come back, I'll opt for good tracks and quality horses. I really want to continue my career as a jockey for many years with my body in perfect condition. I hope to be able to regain all my physical abilities in the coming weeks.

Let's also talk about your role in the family stable. You were always very engaged. Where have you placed the cursor now?
Initially, I wanted to continue establishing the horse program, managing commitments and riding, but soon handed that task back to my father. I completely fell out of a stable organization. I needed a break. I follow the horse races at the barn and we talk regularly with my father, but the fact that I am not there with him in the morning prevents me from being fully involved.

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What if you told us about two great races and their winner? Let's start with Esperanza Idole, winner of the Prix de Cornulier.
The story is incredible and I believe that the victory of Noël Langlois's mare was entered in the prize list even before the race took place. To have a car accident with a total destruction of the truck without anyone being hit, to be able to get back on the road and arrive in time to participate in Cornulier and win it is still amazing. That was their fate!
I put ESPERANZA IDOLE in my forecast. She was well prepared and was not dressed for the occasion. The course was in her favor and, as usual, she pulled a nice straight line. It's nice to see a team like that win. It's good that a small, very competent team is winning a big race with a jockey who is not present at Vincennes every day. It was very touching in front of the TV and I was very happy for them.

And what can we say about the winner of the Prix d'Amérique who meanwhile doubled the stakes in the Prix de France?
The best wins! IDAO DE TILLARD was my favorite in both cases. Like BOLD EAGLE and FACE TIME BOURBON, he is an exceptional horse and it is important to see his name on the list of winners of these two great races. He did not have an easy ride at the Prix d'Amérique, but Clément (Duvaldestin) has confidence in his horse and does not make any driving mistakes. Thierry and Clément have done a great job of preserving the horse from the Critérium (Editor's note: Critérium des 5 Ans, last September). They gave him a run on economy, without trickery, and Idao arrived in America with some margin.

Green light to enter the rehabilitation center

This Thursday, February 15, Alexandre Abrivard had an appointment with the surgeon who operated on him. The latter gave him consent to move on to a more intensive phase of rehabilitation. Alexandre Abrivard will join the Medical Stadium in Bordeaux next Monday (February 19), since his physiotherapist already confirmed a few days ago the possible intensification of muscle work. Several years ago, Alexandre's cousin Matthieu Abrivard was admitted for rehabilitation in the same specialized institution. During this new phase, with an initial duration of fifteen days, Alexandre Abrivard will be able to work in the pool. Then one could think about further intensification, in accordance with the opinions of experts and the recommendation of his surgeon this Thursday to always “pay attention to the body”. The professional is in a race against time that was envisioned by the medical profession from the very beginning. It is progressing neither faster nor slower than expected, and the overall deadline of three months is still relevant. Which would return Alexandre Abrivard to the programs in mid-April.

Just Love You jogging
Present in the damaged truck, JUST LOVE YOU escaped without physical damage. After taking a break to erase the trauma, she is currently running. The idea is to compete again in group 2, for men and women, in mid-April, with the women's test only a few weeks later. What if Alexandre Abrivard and Just Love You went back to school together?

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