Amiens track runner Corentin Ermenault wants to “finish his career at the Olympics”

Until the 2024 Paris Games, France Bleu Picardie will meet regional athletes aiming to qualify for the biggest competition in the world. Amiens runner Corentin Ermenault was the last major goal of this Olympic Games before ending his career.

“We're going to the stands, we have to go up to the second floor.” in the vast passageways of the Saint-Quentin en Yvelines national velodrome, Corentin Ermenault acts as our guide, in a place he knows like the back of his hand. “We spend a lot of time here training with the French team. I know every centimeter of this track,” says the cyclist from Amiens, who has been living in Nice for several years.


Broadcast on 24.07.2023

Olympic Games: the goal is Paris 2024

Final rounds

At 28, the current resident of the Bricquebec-Cotentin team is preparing for the last major event of his career. “Actually, I always told myself that I would stop at the Olympics. It's stupid to say, but cycling is not a big passion for me, it's because I have a lot of abilities there. I really want to participate in the Olympics in my life, but since I'm not very passionate, I know that I won't be able to put four years of training behind me to prepare for Los Angeles.”

Realize you're at the Olympics

Corentin Ermenault is looking for a place in the French individual pursuit. “We're not going to the Olympics to finish 7th,” he says, referring to the goals for these “home” Olympics. And the runner intends to use this home Olympics and the fact that he knows the Saint-Quentin National Velodrome by heart. Where he became the individual champion of Europe in 2016.


“This is the track where I train. I know all the details, the toilets are in this place, the spa is in this place. And it's crazy. At the same time, it's still a little difficult for me mentally. You have to say to yourself, well, here I am at the Games . That's why I insisted on being at the opening ceremony because that's what's really going on, it's going to set it all in motion. That's going to be the moment where we say, okay, we're the Olympics, the greatest competition of all time.”

Before ending his professional cycling career, the Amiens resident wants to experience the Olympic excitement and try to win a medal. Like his father, Philippe Ermenault, Olympic champion in the team pursuit and vice-Olympic individual champion at the Atlanta Olympics. In 1996, I was six months old when they won. It's amazing, I have no words because it's something I want to achieve and I know how difficult it is.”

A family heirloom

“Yes, there is a family inheritance, genetic,” continues Corentin Ermenault. “I'd be lying if I said otherwise. It's always been rooted in me and I've always had a lot of ease with cycling. Doing actually all sports, and then on the track where it's always been innate to me. “When I set out to do something, I did it. I won't say it's entirely my father's fault, but having those genes helped me a lot.”


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