An extension of the career that does not pass

If Reunion needs a quarry, in Bras-Panon we are beginning to think that we have already “given” enough with two alluvial quarries and a crushing site that is currently operating. Continuation of long-term activity at the mouth of the river Mat. The last quarry to return to production, as of 2019, is the ma Pensée quarry, which is located near the former location of Holcim. She thinks big. The company Granulats de l'Est submitted a request for an extension and extension of the working life. Compared to today's 12 years, it will be 30 years for an approval area of ​​23 ha (compared to 8.83 ha today), on cane-planted land belonging to the Virapoullé family. The annual amount of extracted material will be 350,000 tons, compared to today's 200,000 tons. The nearest houses are 250 meters away. What worries the residents of Rivière des Roches as well as elected officials. Quarries are approaching populated areas. The project is under public discussion until March 14. The Office of the Investigating Commissioner will be held at Bras-Panon Town Hall on February 26 and March 14 from 1 to 4 p.m.


In its presentation, the quarry emphasizes the need to open new sites in order to meet the needs for aggregates for municipal works and construction. He is discussing the viability of the site he already operates by pooling resources with another quarry operated by the company, at Paniandy. The company assures that there will be no increase in the level of inconvenience compared to the current business. Highlights include, among other things, the creation of a two-meter perimeter merlon, the installation of a wheel scraper at the exit from the construction site, and the quarterly monitoring of dust emissions from 2020. The impact on the landscape is presented as low. What to convince the elected officials of Bras-Panon?

When deciding on the study locations for the implementation of the future ISDU (final waste repository) of SYDNE (Union for the treatment of waste of the North and East of Reunion), the municipality carried out before the impact of the quarry on its territory to cancel the project for its establishment in Paniandy. Already delivered a speech reminiscent of the Sainte-Suzanne City Hall speech regarding waste. In their speeches, the mayor and elected officials often emphasize the impact of truck traffic (a continuation and increase with the new quarry is expected) – an order was passed to regulate it – but also on the municipality's land, whose coastal plain is already the smallest in the East. All without real “compensation”, even if careers are work… They will be discussed at the municipal council tonight. Advisory opinion, the last word to the prefect.


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