“An indelible mark on me”, the reason for his military career

Louis Sarkozy had an unusual childhood, which left an “indelible mark” on him… to the extent that it made him decide on a military career. He explains himself during a rare interview.

Louis Sarkozy literally grew up under the gold of the Republic. The son of Nicolas Sarkozy lived in the Elysée from the age of 10 to 15, when his father was a tenant. He's no longer a pre-teen, but he remembers the experience like it was yesterday. It must be said that these years shaped him. The one who is releasing his own book Napoleon's Library: The Emperor, His Books and Their Influence on the Napoleonic Era in bookstores from May 30, spoke to the Telegraph about his former life in the Elysée.

Louis Sarkozy talks about the years spent in the Elysée: “If I was older…”

Louis Sarkozy knows the Elysée like the back of his hand… and has happy memories of it! “I visited the highest circles of political life. It was the most privileged, fortunate and extraordinary experience imaginable, except that I was too young to appreciate it. If I had been a few years older, I would have had a much clearer vision of everything that was going on,” described the son Cecilij Attias, today 26 years old.

What “left an indelible mark” on him when his father was president

Louis Sarkozy was especially marked by the bodyguards who constantly surrounded him. But instead of feeling oppressed by such an armada of mirrored cabinets, this military enthusiast was in heaven! “They were literally the best role models a kid could hope for — well, for an insecure boy like me, who loved military stuff,” he assured.

“These people are former military police officers tasked with protecting my family. I spent 24 hours a day, seven days a week with them, and it was great – they left an indelible mark on me and I owe my military call to them,” added the son of the former president of the Republic who studied at the military school Valley Forge Academy in Philadelphia.

What is happening with Louis Sarkozy?

Today, Capucine Anav's former companion and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's stepson is serving in the US Army, at a barracks in Pennsylvania, and has received dual citizenship. He is married to Natali Husic, an ambitious American actress and also the project manager of one of the companies of Richard Attias, her husband's father-in-law.

Already well integrated into Uncle Sam's country, the son of the former head of state confided to the French Morning media that he has the ultimate dream: to live on a ranch with “horses, guns, dogs.”

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