at the crossroads of senses and science

Nice is once again transformed into the epicenter of the neuroscientific revolution during the Neuroplanet forum, scheduled for March 14-16, 2024. This year, the conference promises to be a hotbed of innovation and debate around the mysteries of the deepest aspects of the human brain and its interaction with our senses.

To give pride to our senses? This is the challenge set by the Neuroplanète 2024 forum. The idea arose from Christian Estrosi's initiative to promote brain events in Nice. And from March 14 to 16, the ninth edition of the forum on the topic of the senses will be held. “It's great, it's sight, hearing, etc. But it also works? Why doesn't it work anymore? How can we improve them? », explains Anne Jeanblanc, journalist of Le Point and head of the editorial board of the forum.

Led by renowned experts, the Neuroplanète forum will reveal fascinating sessions ranging from the fight against fake news in health to the impact of music on our brain. Not forgetting the promising progress in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Anne Jeanblanc highlights a fun and serious approach to the forum. Hands-on workshops, from the art of aging well to exploring marine life in virtual reality, promise interactive and educational experiences for all ages. The Neuroplanète forum enables the “publication of researchers' work.” Publicizing research is really important,” says Anne Jeanblanc. And the audience is there every year, always more curious and interested: “we really have a loyal audience that wants to learn”, adds the editor-in-chief.
See you from March 14 to 16 at the Center Universitaire Méditerranée in Nice for this 9th edition!

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