awareness march for opponents of the clay quarry project in Sacierges-Saint-Martin

They don't want this clay quarry at the foot of their houses. While awaiting the conclusions of the commissioner of inquiry, the residents of Sacierges-Saint-Martin and the surrounding communes intend to “keep the fire going” and continue to demonstrate their opposition to the project of the company Terreal, which wants to open a clay quarry at a place called “Le Joux” by 2025.

On February 17, 2024, opponents gathered within the association La Grosse tuile organized the first parade against this project that would affect fifty hectares of agricultural land and that would harm, as they defend, “the peace and biodiversity that we sought by settling here”.

The public hearing was concluded on February 21

The public investigation, to which this file was submitted, ended on February 21, 2024. ”Now we live suspended because of the decision of the investigating commissioner, and then Prefect Indre. We cope with the stress as best we can and try to keep hope…” says Amélie Sottiau, a local resident directly affected by the project.

To raise awareness among as many people as possible “about the richness of our environment”, the association is offering a walk on Saturday 23 March, including an initial route of 2.4 km punctuated by time for discussion and a free snack, followed by a second route of 2 routes, 8 km for participants who want to.”The idea is to discover bocage, landscapes, wetlands, fauna, flora, present around the land to which the creation of this open clay quarry refers. Two people specialized in animal and plant species will lead this walk. »

In parallel with this second action, the association continues with the invitation to collect signatures for an online petition that counts 220 signatures (to which are added about 70 signatures collected on paper petitions submitted in the respective municipalities).

Walk next to the La Grosse tuile association, Saturday, March 23, 2024, at 2:30 p.m. Departure from Croix-de-la-Barre, in Sacierges-Saint-Martin. Participation: €3 in favor of the association. Reservations required before March 17 at

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