Basketball. A surprise in MSB, Elric Delord ends his coaching career at the end of the season

It's a small earthquake, unexpected, especially at this time of the season. This Tuesday, in a long press release from MSB, Elric Delord explained his decision to end his coaching career at the end of this season. He and his current staff are out of contract next June.

“Dear fans, players, staff and partners,

After careful consideration and deep introspection I want to share with you an important decision. I will start the year off at the end of the current season. This break in my career as a basketball coach was not an easy decision, but it was motivated by two main reasons: the need to recharge my batteries and the desire for personal and professional progress by exploring areas that the continuous rhythm of the season does not allow me to go deeper.

In the past, it was not clear to me why coaches (from all disciplines) occasionally stopped when there was an opportunity to do this job in which few are chosen. Today I understand. This profession requires complete and permanent dedication. He asks us for everything and no more promising anything in return. The passion is all-consuming, exhausting and I feel the need to retreat, regenerate and enjoy mine. It is also a necessary step on my journey. I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve, a dream that guides me and I am aware of the path I must take. My decision to take a break is the beginning of a learning journey.

“Investing in my future development”

I now understand that true development extends beyond the boundaries of my current discipline and requires immersion in the diversity and richness of experiences. New perspectives, integration of new methodologies and ideas about my coaching vision cannot be gained within the confines of my comfort zone. This year will not only be an interruption in my career, but also an investment in my future development. MSB has played a central role in my life, providing me with joy, passion and an invaluable sense of belonging.

As I prepare to open a new chapter in my life, I will forever remain a supporter of the club, following its successes with pride and love. The memories and connections made here will remain etched in my heart. I am committed to finishing this season with all the energy, passion and commitment you have always known from me, hoping to add a few more beautiful chapters to our shared history.

With all my respect and gratitude. ยป

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