Become a mother? “He ruined my career!”, laments Lily Allen

Becoming a mother and having children, a disaster when you are a singer? Of course, according to Lily Allen. The pop icon of the 2000s doesn't mince words today.

“I love my children, but they have completely ruined my career.” We can't say that Lily Allen takes tweezers when she speaks. She showed it on air, in the Radio Times Podcast, looking back on motherhood, professional and personal life, in a… Very raw way.

“It really annoys me when people say you can have everything because, frankly, you can't!” she explained in the same tone. Here, Lily Allen tackles the real issue: the difficult reconciliation between career and motherhood when you're an artist. Mission impossible according to the British singer, who (as reported by music media NME) says… even if it means shocking her audience.

The upbringing of his two daughters – Ethel Mary (11) and Manie Rose (9) – did not pass without consequences for his continued survival in the music industry, despite his hits, if we still listen to him…

“They ruined everything!”

“I've never really had a career strategy, but yes, my kids have ruined my career. I love them and they complement me, but as for being a pop star, they've totally ruined it,” exclaims Lily Allen into the microphone. There is no real filter for the interpreter of “Fuck You”, this sound that sets the tone.

“Some people choose their careers over their kids and that's their prerogative, but my parents were pretty absent when I was growing up. I feel like that really left some ugly scars that I don't want to repeat over and over again. pull and focus on them and I'm glad I did because I think they're pretty complete people.”

A rather bittersweet speech, therefore, which first of all testifies to the harsh reality: the systematic expulsion of female artists from the cultural industry, certainly music, but also cinematography, after they reach a certain age (generally, quarantine), or after their experience of motherhood. If her words seem brutal, they amaze with their honesty: the singer is not thinking of her children in the end, but of the system that prevents her from properly reconciling the two lives that make up hers.

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