Between science fiction and a love story, the first novel of the 46-year-old Valencian

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Sylvain Zurcher, a child from Valence d'Agen (Tarn-et-Garonne), realized his childhood dream: he shared his writings with the whole world. Available for purchase on the Amazon platform, “Tech love” on 224 pages tells a love story mixed with science fiction.

Sylvain Zurcher felt a love for writing since adolescence thanks to one of his French teachers. She tells us: “One day she asked us for a writing exercise on a topic of our choice. Obviously, nobody was super motivated, but I don't know what happened, I played and made 16 pages. I've never stopped since. »
First writing lyrics for himself, the Valencian started with slam lyrics ten years ago. This year, at the age of 46, after two years of thinking and designing, the writer launched and published his first book “Tech love”.
Between a love story, science fiction and technology, this novel was specially written so that the story could enchant young and old alike.

An inspired theme

For the writer, the title of his first work was obvious. “Tech love” simply presents the two main themes of its story, namely: love and science fiction.
As for his inspirations, we can count different ones, like “Romeo and Juliet” for a beautiful love story, “Thor” for the idea of ​​a bridge between the real world and the technological world or even the movie “Elysium” for the setting of its story.
A big fan of Stephen King and Bernard Werber, Sylvain Zurcher was also inspired by these writers to write his novel.
In his collection, certain characters were also inspired, but this time from his surroundings: according to him, Amélia represents the strength of his concubine's personality; Liam is a mixture of his father, son and himself, and the Designer, Amelia and Liam's enemy, reflects his own personality.

Other works in the project

As soon as his first book came out, the writer has already started talking about the sequel. When asked about his literary projects, he answered: “Of course, “Tech love” will have a sequel, I'm already starting to think about it. But first, I would like my second book to be a thriller; I would like to do it in three volumes, at the same time as the continuation of “Tech love”.
So, reading lovers, head over to the Amazon website and read “Tech love”!

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