Business school: after graduation, which degree to choose for a career in France or abroad?

The importance of a post-baccalaureate degree: a stepping stone to employability

Earning a post-baccalaureate degree from a business school is critical for students who want to maximize their professional opportunities. Indeed, these institutions offer specialized education in the fields of commerce, management, finance, management and economics, thus providing students with the skills needed to succeed in their professional lives.

One of the main advantages of this course is a clear increase in employability. Companies recognize the added value of a business degree, which translates into access to a wide range of professional opportunities. And if these integration rates are above average with a placement rate close to 90% less than 6 months after graduation (source: SKEMA Talent & Career, 2023 survey on the Global BBA Class of 2022), it is thanks to the personalized support during the course and the extremely dynamic network of former students, also called Alumni.

In addition, business schools place a strong emphasis on internships, business projects, and international exchange programs, providing students with concrete experiences that enrich their academic curriculum. These hands-on experiences allow students to develop professional skills, network with industry professionals, and gain an in-depth understanding of the world around them. Therefore, the two degrees stand out as they open doors to national and international success, preparing them to excel in the dynamic and demanding landscape of the professional world.

Global BBA: international at your fingertips

SKEMA Global BBA adopts the international bachelor's format, widely recognized as the most widely accepted post-baccalaureate standard in the world. This four-year training course, which is conducted entirely in English, is highly valued by international companies. The program offers great geographic flexibility as it allows students to start their journey in Sophia Antipolis, Raleigh (North Carolina), Belo Horizonte (Brazil) or Lille.

In order to build their professional project, the opportunity to participate in practice within global companies offers students a concrete and in-depth experience of the reality of the world of work at the international level. This enriching experience also allows them to become familiar with different languages ​​and cultures on no less than five continents. A real advantage of this training, the diverse selection of partner companies offers students a range of opportunities to shape their academic and professional experience. With often impressive and inspiring encounters that are decisive on their life path.

Management, artificial intelligence, engineering… Depending on the chosen specialization, graduates have the option of directly entering the labor market with a recognized Bac +4 degree or continuing their studies at a higher level. For students who want to choose a Global BBA, this training is a good way to expand their mind to other cultures and develop solid skills to open the door to a career with an international dimension!

ESDHEM: the Franco-French path to excellence

ESDHEM is a dual course, the specificity of which is the combination of a university degree in private law or economics-management and preparation for competitive exams for Grandes Écoles. Students are divided into small groups to encourage better learning, creating an enriching graduate course, supported by a dedicated teaching team.

As for the university degree preparation course, it goes beyond the classroom by integrating internships in companies, thus enabling students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice in the professional world. A semester abroad also broadens their horizons, promoting a global understanding of economic and cultural issues.

In addition to the academic aspect, ESDHEM also values ​​community life, offering students opportunities for collaboration and community engagement. During the entire program, students prepare for competitive entrance exams (AST), which they have the opportunity to take at the end of the second or third year. When you're a student, choosing the ESDHEM pathway means gaining the skills to be ready to excel in the business world!

Whether you choose the Global BBA or ESDHEM at SKEMA Business School, these two post-baccalaureate programs present themselves as gateways to excellence, preparing students for a promising future!

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