Camille Lacourt reveals that she was very poorly paid during her swimming career

Guest in the show Club Bastos, Camille Lacourt returned to her professional career. The former top athlete revealed that he did not earn too much money during his career.

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Camille Lacourt is a former top athlete who shone in swimming pools for several years. A five-time world swimming champion and a five-time European champion, the man who is now a father has achieved great victories. With this tumultuous career, one would think that he has also earned very well. But, a guest appearance in the show Club Bastosthe famous swimmer revealed that he did not earn much money during his career.

Camille Lacourt didn't make money swimming

A sports career is first of all connected with passion. Camille Lacourt chose this path for the love of sport, not for profit. “I don't think money can be such a strong motivator. And then, everywhere in life, you must first enjoy, you must flourish, you must succeed in having truly concrete goals“, he explains. But even with a world champion career like his, the athlete assures that he was not very well paid during his career.vsIt is true that after a defeat I would prefer to say to myself: 'Yes, I still took a few million'. Well, what a shame, So here it is. But I believe that the pain of defeat is not the money that counts“, assures the former swimmer.

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Camille Lacourt experienced burnout after the defeat

If during his career he had great moments of glory, Camille Lacourt also experienced defeats, and one of them is hard to live with. In 2012, after the fourth place immediately after the first world championship title, the swimmer experienced burnout. “It was difficult for me after the Olympic failure. I felt like I was constantly falling“, he confided to France Inter in 2023. Ultimately, thanks to his loved ones, he was able to overcome it, especially after the birth of his daughter Jazz, born in marriage with his former partner Valérie Bègue.”I was lucky enough, a few months later, to have my little girl. It was the best way out of this“, he stated.

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