Career and many opportunities? See you at the FPS Finances Jobday

“Jobdays is in its third edition,” says Louise Olivier, project officer for employer branding at the Federal Public Service for Finance. “We want to raise awareness of what FPS Finances does and how we do it. We will be present in Brussels for French speakers, but also in Ghent and Antwerp as the federal public service ultimately extends to the entire country. “

SPF wants to hire employees in Brussels and beyond. Louise explains to us why this approach has been successfully continued for two years: “It is the best way to connect interested people and our ambassadors.” “Ambassadors are employees of FPS Financija. “Visitors will be able to get a more accurate picture of available positions and their content. We want to offer a pleasant and concrete experience to people interested in a career in FPS Finance. “

Wide offer

There is no need to detail the many opportunities (both Rosetta and statutory) offered to FPS Finance when we know that it employs more than 20,000 people. “It is not always easy for candidates and interested parties to find their way around the large offer. With Jobdays I can get a more precise idea. We organize informational meetings and it is possible to apply directly to the Rosetta offer (contract on the first job for young people under 26) for all types of profiles and all levels of study. “

The legally prescribed offers are intended for bachelor's or master's studies and students in their final year of higher education.

Looking for an exciting role with many career opportunities? Register here on FPS Finances Jobday!

Career and many opportunities? See you at the FPS Finances Jobday

On-the-job training

It is impossible to provide an exhaustive overview of all available positions, but Louise Olivier offers a selection of several profiles. “We are looking for IT experts, legal profiles and economists, project managers, analysts, tax accountants, case managers, etc. The list is long – he says with a laugh. FPS Finance is not necessarily looking for candidates with specific degrees. “Of course, for certain functions, it is necessary to have a degree in economics or law, for example. But as we offer many positions that do not require special training, FPS takes care of the training once the candidate is hired. “

Your career is in your hands

Employees then have the opportunity to expand or deepen their knowledge. “We note here that FPS Finance has nothing to envy the private sector. I didn't expect it myself when I started working here seven years ago. Employees can develop their career horizontally and vertically. Numerous satellite offices and hybrid work also allow us real autonomy in our work. “

Louise especially appreciates the atmosphere at SPF. “Whether within my team or elsewhere, the welcome is warm everywhere. Everyone does their best and contributes. “People who go to Jobdays will certainly be able to feel it.

Forward everyone!

Are you curious about what FPS Finances can offer you? Then apply for Jobday on March 28. At this event, you will definitely get an extra boost in the right direction. “Our colleagues are ready to answer all your questions, but also guide you through the first step of your application and guide you on the way to the first interview. “Perhaps the day of employment in Brussels will mark the beginning of a brilliant career…

Register here at Jobday on March 28 in Brussels and maybe meet your future colleagues there!

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