Career Extension | Leff threatened, the management cheated

This Thursday, the Administrative Court of Rennes examined the authorization to expand the Coatmen quarry in Tréméven (22) in the immediate vicinity of Leff. If he did not make a decision, the public reporter's conclusions are final.

Prefectural agreement despite shortcomings

SA Carrières Rault has been managing the Coatmen quarry for several decades. At the end of 2020, a public debate was held in which the project of extending the same as well as the extension of the period of operation by 30 years from the issuance of the approval was presented. Our association contributed to this investigation by condemning the shortcomings and weaknesses of the presented file. Moreover, we felt that the demand did not meet any of the challenges of Breton's career plan. The investigating commissioner herself had, which is rare to note, an unfavorable opinion about this request. Regardless, on April 13, 2021, the prefect of Côtes d'Armor gave the green light to the project. Subsequently, Eau & Rivières de Bretagne, Together save the Leff and its heritage (ENSALEP) and the Society for Historical and Archaeological Studies of Goëlo (SEHAG) filed an appeal to annul the prefecture's decree approving the project.

Pure fraud

The administrative court in Rennes examined our appeal. If he has not yet made his decision, scheduled for April 4, the public reporter gave his opinion at the hearing held this Thursday, March 14. The latter considers “premeditated fraud” on the part of the petitioner. Therefore, he concludes that the authorization order should be canceled immediately.

Dungeon, where are you?

In fact, the operators of Coatmen Quarry were ordered in 1999 to rebuild a listed dungeon, a dungeon they destroyed in 1993. This rebuild is still not effective, and was not effective when an extension was sought. In exchange, the operators proposed the creation of a viewpoint a good distance from the abandoned remains which, in the long run, would be inaccessible and located on a rocky summit 80 meters from the bottom of the quarry, a disastrous fate for the listed monument. By definitively sacrificing the fort and its surroundings in order to obtain an expansion of the quarry, the red line was crossed.

According to the public reporter, it is nothing more and nothing less than a hoax; authorization obtained by fraud of the administration.

Leff threatened

Another element retained by the public reporter: the impact of this extension on the Leff, via groundwater. Remember that they contribute between 60 and 80% of the flow of the Leff during periods of low water. The impact study limited itself to generalities on this topic. A description of the place itself and the expected development is not presented!

For our associations, the rapporteur's conclusions promise a decision by which the perpetrator will be held accountable. One cannot sabotage natural and architectural heritage with diggers with complete impunity.

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