Career project in Eure: “we await approval” from the prefecture

By Maxime Laffiac
Posted on March 15, 24 at 7:24 p.m.

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The outcome is close. According to Terreal's opponents, Simon Babreprefect of Eurea, should announce his decision on the controversial project clay quarryin the village Cahaignesvillage attached to the new municipality of Vexin-sur-Epte.

Barring extraordinary events, we expect approval for this quarry, which would still be granted under certain conditions.

Alain Riou, co-president of the association for the quality of life of nature Vexin

“Collective, constant and decisive action”

Among those conditions would be: a prohibition on Terreal from subsequently requesting a expansion below 330 meters; regulations for monitoring and ensuring the exploitation of the future quarry and finally establishing it monitoring committee places intended to “ensure smooth operation of the quarry and compliance with various requirements and obligations. »

“This committee would be under the authority of the sub-prefect and would bring together representatives of state services, operators, communities and local residents/associations,” specifies Alain Riou.

All of this is clearly not good news. Although of course we must congratulate each other and keep in mind that without our joint, constant and decisive action, a quarry would have developed even closer to our homes and much more harmful, the fact remains that we would obviously like to reject this project pure and simple.

Alain Riou, co-president of the association for the quality of life of nature Vexin

“Stand the test of time”

Association for the quality of life of nature Vexin hopes “that the guarantees given by the prefect during the meeting held last Monday (March 4, according to the editor) will stand the test of time. » The latter reminds that levers exist at the local level, such as amending the Local Urban Plan, but the elected officials “will have to initiate a cumbersome and expensive procedure”.

Despite everything, Terreal's opponents are still hoping for a last-minute turnaround.

“The Departmental Committee for Nature, Localities and Landscape, which met on March 8, passed favorable opinion project, but this opinion is only advisory. The prefect will have the last word… unless you decide to go to the administrative Court“, warns Alain Riou (the latter also announced that he resigned from the mandate of association council member and co-president, eg. ed.).

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