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After the 7 Oscars won by “Oppenheimer”, the question arises of Christopher Nolan's next film. And rumors about a film adaptation of the “Prisoner” series are appearing again.

Seven Oscars (including two personally, those for best film and best director) conclude a marathon that began a little less than a year ago. This Sunday, March 10, Oppenheimer's journey ended in the most beautiful way for Christopher Nolan, who earned the right to breathe.

But that would be a poor understanding of the Internet, which immediately wants to know what the British director's thirteenth feature film will be. AND Diversity claims that two options would be balanced, the first being a remake of the TV series The Prisoner.

A project that was abandoned in 2009

Aired between 1967 and 1968, the series follows a British secret agent (Patrick McGoohan) who, when he tries to resign, is kidnapped by a mysterious group who imprison him under a less strange name “Village”from which he will try to escape.

Espionage, manipulation, mysteries, secrets, thrillers, paranoia, altered reality, science fiction… It's not hard to see how the story might appeal to Christopher Nolan. And the latter was already linked to a film project in 2009… before the remake of the mini-series carried by Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen was thrown into the water.

Will it reappear fifteen years later? That's what Variety suggests, with one caveat: a source that has been reduced to “some say so”, which is a bit easy. Especially since the main person in question talked to them, in November 2023, about this adaptation, for which he did not manage to finish the script.

Christopher Nolan reveals that a few years ago he worked on a film adaptation of the TV series 'The Prisoner'. He could not quite “break through” the adaptation, as he says, which remained unfinished.

(over it @Diversity)

— Christopher Nolan Art and Updates (@NolanAnalyst) November 9, 2023

However, according to American media, another option would be for Christopher Nolan to tackle writing a new script now that the awards season is over. Without any hints about the topic, which the main person in question may be the only one who knows to this day. With his wife and producer Emma Thomas, also an Oscar winner a few days ago.

The web being what it is, it wouldn't be surprising if the James Bond rumors started popping up again when Christopher Nolan himself put an end to them last November.

Three years between each film

But the most likely hypothesis to date is that we have to be patient. Against a director who has allowed three years to pass between each release since 2014's Interstellar.

If he has to be swamped with proposals today, and could even more easily succeed in imposing his terms, buoyed by the public and critical success of Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan may simply want to take his time. Which is not for nothing one of his favorite topics.

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