Controversies. Sciences Po in the news. Science Po, one of the French universities that cooperates most with Israel.

JUSTICE – Gabriel Attal condemns “going astray”. This Wednesday, March 13, the Prime Minister announced in front of the board of directors of Sciences Po that his government will take legal measures, through Article 40 of the criminal procedure, after a day earlier a student from the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) was denied access to the amphitheater during a pro-Palestinian mobilization. .

Israel-Hamas war: Science Poe lecture hall blocked by supporters in Gaza, outrage of majority

The head of government, himself a former student of the prestigious school, asked for “extremely strict sanctions” and said he would take legal steps “to contribute to the investigation and the mobilization of services to determine what happened yesterday”.

“I think the French are wondering very strongly and very deeply about the form of tilt, drift, associated with an active and dangerous minority at Sciences Po,” he also condemned, specifying that “a temporary administrator (will) be appointed very soon (…) to ensure that our republican principles are always respected everywhere.” The director of the institution, Mathias Vicherat, resigned this Tuesday, calling for justice with his former partner in a case of domestic violence.

“The red line has been crossed.”

On Tuesday, around a hundred students occupied Sciences Po's main amphitheater as part of a “European university mobilization day for Palestine”. Emmanuel Macron condemned the “perfectly intolerable” comments.

Education Minister Sylvie Retailleau insisted in Le Parisien: “Red lines have been crossed at this school. It must be stated very clearly: the authors of acts that do not respect the principles of the Republic, nor the rights of others when they show discrimination, anti-Semitic acts or remarks, of whatever nature, are primarily responsible. »

In addition to the report to the courts, “an internal disciplinary investigation was launched.” Elements, direct testimonies in this sense have been collected”, the minister added. The head of La France insoumise Jean-Luc Mélenchon, for his part, spoke of the “ridiculous incident”, expressing surprise that the affair took on such a “national media dimension”.

Jewish student denied entry?

A student from the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) was then “prevented from accessing the amphitheater” where the action took place, and “accusatory remarks were made (from the stand, e.g. by the editor) against” the student association, condemned Sciences Po on X.

“Don't let her in, she is a Zionist”, were the words condemned by the UEJF. When asked by AFP, a member of the Palestine Committee at Sciences Po denied that such a sentence had been uttered. “This student known for taking photos, targeting pro-Palestinian people who are then posted on social media who then suffer a wave of online harassment,” said Hicham, a student at the school who spoke to BFMTV. He assures that other members of the UEJF were also in the amphitheater.

The management of Sciences Po announced that they will contact the “disciplinary department in order to sanction these intolerable actions”. And he also announced that he would forward the case to the public prosecutor under Article 40 of the Criminal Procedure Law “for acts of an anti-Semitic nature.”

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