CPF: here is the amount of financial contribution that will be imposed on employees

It's almost over. The mandatory out-of-pocket principle for Training Personal Account (CPF) beneficiaries will be “implemented this year”, announced Thomas Cazenave, Minister for Public Accounts, this Monday, February 19, during an exchange with the newspaper. This project is far from new. Included in the 2023 Finance Bill, should have seen the light of day last year. However, the regulation establishing this mandatory financial participation has not yet been published. Asked about the subject at the end of last year by representatives of the Committee on Social Affairs, the former Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, promised implementation in the spring of 2024. The timetable confirmed by the Ministry of Economy this Monday, the decree implementing the measure will be published “very soon” .

But after the implementation date of the measure, everyone's burning question was: what will be the level of the residue that will soon be imposed on French people who use their CPF to fund training? If according to the Ministry of Labor “the modalities (application of mandatory participation, op. ed.) must still be discussed with the social partners” and that they “therefore have not yet been fully arbitrated”, Bercy gave more details about the government's project this Monday. “The order of magnitude is 10 percent” of the cost of education, according to the Ministry of Economy.

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Jobseekers will be exempt from the obligation to remain dependent on CPF

So we are far from mandatory contribution of 30% for the time mentioned by Bruno Le Mairetenant of Bercy… but also “several tens of euros” that Olivier Dussopt only promised, end of 2023. Let's take the example of a driver's license: its price can often exceed 1,500 euros as part of CPF financing. This means that the balance would be at least €150 for French people who want to use their personal training account to pay for driving hours.

Furthermore, please note that from the beginning it was planned that jobseekers and employees who benefit from their employer's contribution to co-finance training through the HFP will be exempted from financial participation. Exceptions that Bercy confirmed this Monday.

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Training: How much the Court of Auditors wants you to pay when you use your CPF

This bill-paying project for personal training will be part of a savings plan of approximately €10 billion for 2024. announced Bruno Le Maire on TF1, this Sunday, February 18. In order to achieve this, the Government intends to revise a number of public policies, including the conditions for the mobilization of HFP. The establishment of the mandatory balance “will make it possible to generate 200 million euros in savings”, specified Thomas Cazenave this Monday, an amount that can be compared to the total cost of the system, which amounts to 2 billion euros. This is “participation that seems to us to be fair and necessary in the new framework of public finances”, justified the delegate of the minister in charge of public accounts.

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