Cross-country skiing – World Cup. Johannes Klaebo wins in Oslo at 50 km, Maurice Manificat ends his career

Johannes Klaebo won for the first time in his career in Oslo at 50 km for the Norwegian quintet. Maurice Manificat finished with the World Cup, and the French team celebrated at his last race.

Norwegian patrol wins at home. After a little more than two hours of effort, the Norwegians took the best of the group of 10 and won the top five on their home turf. Johannes Klaebo still had the wherewithal to beat his compatriots in the sprint. Martin Nyenget finished 2nd ahead of Paal Golberg and the yellow Harald Amundsen.

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The event celebrated last

The French were in the leading group for a long time. They lasted for the length of the marathon of 42 kilometers. Théo Schely and Hugo Lapalus resisted and fought until the last meter to win positions. The first of them finished in 14th place, and the second in 19th place. Jules Lapierre is 42.

Maurice Manificat was released quickly, but the main thing is elsewhere. The 37-year-old Haut-Savoyard was ending his career. The greatest winner in the history of French cross-country skiing was given a hero's welcome in the finish area by all his French team-mates and staff. Champagne and “Thank you Momo” bibs in his honor. His World Cup adventure is now over after almost 20 years at the top level.

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