Damso: his performance with Werenoi is the last of his career?

This February 16, Damso is on the song “Pyramide” by Werenoi. In his verse, he explains that this could be his last performance.

This February 16, Werenoi is releasing its album Pyramide. In the piece of the same name, Damso invites. The latter explains in his verse that this performance could be the last in his career. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Discreet year 2023 in terms of music

In 2023, Damso will mostly occupy the field on the stage. Indeed, the Belgian rapper has been very discreet on the musical front for the past year. He has not announced any projects and has been very discreet in his presentation.

However, the year started strongly with his presence on the album Iskren Hamze. With the melancholic hit Nocif, they made the French-speaking area dance all year.

In March, he also lent his voice to Zola's album Diamant du Bled. Namely, they discovered two rappers song Coeur de Ice, which has since become a platinum single. Not bad at all!

But after that, Damso decided to play even more discreetly. Only two songs pleased the ears of his fans: the hit La Rue with Gaz and What's new baby with Jok'Air. This is therefore a very thin estimate!

But Damso managed to redeem himself by offering his audience an unforgettable festival tour. He passed, among other things, by the main Beauregard square or Cabaret Vert.

And if the year 2023 was quite easy for Damso in terms of performance, we shouldn't expect an improvement for 2024. At least that's how the rapper explains in the new song. MCE TV tells you more!

🚨 The WERENOI x DAMSO music video has just been released!

“This is my last feat of the year, maybe even of my career, so I'm a little emotional…” pic.twitter.com/kUeb0KC57z

— Kultur (@Kulturlesite_) February 15, 2024

Damso will never do actors again?

This February 16th, Werenoi releases its second album called Pyramide. As for the acting roles, he surrounded himself with a five-star cast: Damso, SDM, Aya Nakamura, Hamza, SCH and Maes. Just that !

And to celebrate the release of the project, Werenoi released a music video for his collaboration with Dams. In this feature, we see the Montreuil rapper traveling to do a studio session with the Belgian.

And on the single, Damso begins his verse with the statement: “It's my last feat of the year, maybe of my career, so I'm a little emotional…”. At least things are clear!

These words are already echoing in the heads of all his fans, more worried than ever before they will see him put an end to his career in French rap. Panic on board!

Indeed, for several years Damso seems to be increasingly withdrawing from this environment, in search of freedom and rest. Still, there is reason to hope that this is just the point.

Damso has already promised his fans a release album in 2025 under the name BĒYĀH. And in this (probably) final go-round, the rapper might throw in a guest appearance or two before he's gone for good. A mystery!

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