Death of Jean-Pierre Soisson: Emmanuel Macron pays tribute to “political career beyond division”

It is a dedication, a text, words that could have come after many others, had they not resonated with the current political situation. Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to Jean-Pierre Soisson in a press release on Wednesday, a day after the death of the former elected official from Yonne, who died of cancer at the age of 89. Jean-Pierre Soisson was an MP, president of the regional council, minister under four different presidents and mayor of Auxerre for 27 years.

Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Pierre Soisson's successor?

Carefully reading this six-paragraph text published on the Élysée website in honor of Jean-Pierre Soisson, we cannot help but think of the parallels with the current President of the Republic, the same view of the political landscape. Emmanuel Macron was elected in 2017 on a presumptive position: overcoming the left-right divide. He also opened successive governments with so-called ministers of openness, “takes” on the left, on the right, in civil society. However, this is also a significant difference, when Jean-Pierre Soisson was a local, regional and national elected official, with diverse experience and years of mandate, Emmanuel Macron was not elected before the President of the Republic.

“Jean-Pierre Soisson put his human qualities, his good nature and sense of dialogue and his ability to work at the service of electing the Minister of Finance to the Presidency of the Republic.”

The Elysée pays tribute to “a political career beyond divisions”, “a man of encounters”, “a forerunner, a restorer, a builder in his city”.

The announcement of the head of state also evokes the more controversial part of Jean-Pierre Soisson's political life, that of his election in 1998 to the head of his region thanks to the votes of the then National Front, “elected president of the regional council, in 1992 with a left-wing majority, in 1998 with a right-wing majority and the support of votes National fronts.”

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