end of career for Uini Atonio after Crunch? The answer comes

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We thought the quarter-finals of the World Cup would be his last game in Blue, but fate decided otherwise. Uini Atonio, one of the experienced players of the French team, has finally decided to come out of retirement for this 6 Nations tournament, as Romain Taofifenua. But now that the 6 Nations tournament is coming to an end, what about the rest, its continuation?

Coincidence or not, Uini Atonio was present at Wednesday's press conference to discuss the next Crunch on Saturday. There was also the question of whether he plans to give up forever this time or not. But the La Rochelle pillar kept his future unclear. The experience after the World Cup undoubtedly taught him not to rush decisions…

I am here to support the youth. My future? We'll see, I'm open to anything. If it's my last match, so be it, I'll still be happy. And if the staff needs a real pole this summer in Argentina, I'm always here.

George-Henri Colombe, “the future Atonio”

With this reference to Argentina, at least we know that Uini Atonio is not closing the door on the French XV. But perhaps Fabien Galthié will also want to give his place to young people, and especially George-Henri Colombe, the new reinforcement of this French group, who did not do badly in Cardiff. Rochelais can hide another, and Atoni has no shortage of good words for his “heir”.

We complement each other either at Stade Rochelais or in the French team. Both on and off the field. Seeing him here today is well deserved. He still has time to improve, for that little difference he can still achieve, but I am very happy that he is with us. I hope it lasts.

Future Atonio? He already is.

No doubt “GH” Colombe will appreciate the compliment of a player who “brings him a lot of things”, as he put it.

To sum up

If he returns to action for the 6 Nations, what will happen to Uini Atoni's international career after Saturday? Stup was present at the press conference and spoke about his future, before looking at the next generation.

Hélène Brasseur

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