Enrico Macias celebrates 60 years of career

The inimitable Enrico Macias celebrates his 60th career with a box set illustrated by Joann Sfar. 4 thematic CDs and vinyls that gather some of the singer's most beautiful songs.

He is one of the most respected singers: Enrico Macias celebrates his 60th career with “From Music to Music”, a beautiful box set that includes 4 CDs, also available on vinyl, themed but also illustrated by Joann Sfar. “I discovered Joanna Sfar with “Le chat du Rabbin”, a book I loved and when he was making a movie, he asked me to perform the music written by Olivier Daviaud. From there we became friends. He is an exceptional boy.”

4 themes bring together some of his most beautiful songs: “Love”, “Family”, “Fun” and “Between East and West”. “It's difficult to choose the titles because we're afraid of forgetting some that the public likes, but I'm not alone, there's my son Jean-Claude and people from the record company who helped. I think we made a good summary.” Studio sessions, live performances, but also duets like Kendji Girac or Khaled accompany the greatest classics from Constantine.

Enrico Macias “The Beggar of Love” | INA archive

He also celebrates his birthday on stage. “The stage is important to me. Because we're live, we don't start over if we've made a mistake or something, there's really quick communication with the audience. We are less spontaneous in the studio.”

The tour continues in April with 2 dates in Olympia, May 18th and 19th, a very important venue in Eyes of Enrico Macias. “The decoration will be an oriental living room, day and night. A night to party. And I would keep my authenticity, I would not be in the making”.

With Emilie Mazoyer, Enrico Macias travels through 60 years of memories and songs in decibels.

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