Euro career project: the prefect's decision was long awaited

By Maxime Laffiac
Posted on March 6, 24 at 7:34 p.m.

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A final decision is still awaited. From January 9 to 23, residents of Vexin-sur-Epte, inEurosthey could express their opinion afteradditional public inquiry implemented as part of the alternative exploitation project a clay quarry have Cahaignesheaded by Terreal.

At the beginning of February, the following conclusions were reached: a favorable opinion was issued and thus confirmed the one given by the first investigating commissioner during the public inquiry in 2022. However, a number of criticisms made by the association Vexin Nature Qualité de Vie, the main opponent of the quarry project, were taken into account.

“We take note of this decision”

Among them: increase noise at the village level or the impact of the project on the landscape. A small victory for the opponent.

We take note of this decision. The commissioner of investigation could also have taken into account that other reserves were not abolished, such as the optimization of the offset of the operational front (which will be 330 m from the houses) or that the materialization of the truck route through the fields, which requires the artificialization of almost three hectares of arable agricultural land, she was not very intelligent.

Alain Riou, co-president of the association for the quality of life Vexin Nature

The investigating commissioner also condemned Terreal's failure to seek alternative solutions at Cahaignes, even though the company had already falsification of contract in this place in 2014 and that “the exhaustion of the Chapet quarry was inevitable. »

“Legal levers exist”

Despite everything, another important point made by the investigating commissioner made the association raise its eyebrows: the absence of risk of depreciation of houses. “According to him, there may be fewer buyers… But in general, when there are fewer, prices fall. It is a challenge to the laws of economics,” laments Alain Riou.

Another encouraging fact for the opponents of the project: in his conclusions, the investigating commissioner, concerned about the possible extension of exploitation after fifteen years, proposed solutions to completely remove this threat.

Legal levers exist. For example, the municipality of Vexin-sur-Epte could use the time it has been given to strengthen its Local Urban Plan (PLU).

Alain Riou, co-president of the association for the quality of life Vexin Nature

Before insisting: “In any case, we know that we can count not only on the elected officials of Vexin-sur-Epte (who unanimously expressed an unfavorable opinion on the presented alternative project), but also on others from the territory (among them, Frédéric Duchémayor of Andelys and president of the agglomeration of Seine Normandie, or even François Ouzilleau, the mayor of Vernon, who once again voiced his opposition to the project, editor's note). I can listen and hear myself. »

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Extension: Towards Waiver?

Another good news reached the ears of the opponent. If the prefect approves this project, Terreal has announced that after fifteen years it will give up extending the exploitation of the quarry… However, from the association's side, we prefer to remain vigilant.

We don't know what to think about it, especially since the company is in the process of buying an Austrian company. After about fifteen years of work, Terreal could be resold in the meantime, and the prefect will also change… We are still afraid that Terreal will still be able to give a completely blank request for authorization for a similar project.

Alain Riou, co-president of the association for the quality of life Vexin Nature

A situation that could only arise if the alternative project were approved. “We hope it will work for us”, concludes Alain Riou. The ball is now in Prefect Eure's court.

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