Event: Captain Bailly Spinto celebrates his 50th career in Paris

That! Rossignol returns to France 9 years later. As a reminder, Rossignol of Ivorian and African music already offered an exceptional concert to the Paris audience on April 3, 2015. After that date he must have stayed here privately with his family. His older daughter Ange Marie Pierre Gallet has been living in France for a long time. He has also made several appearances since that time including his 45th career in 2018 at the Palais de la Culture in Abidjan and on November 13, 2022 at the Sofitel Ivoire for his half-century career. But the immortal, as he is fondly called in the Ivorian artistic community, is returning to France this time on the initiative of celebrating his 50th anniversary with a Parisian audience. Thank you “Master” (because for me, you are one) for this consideration for all your millions of fans here in France. About Bailly, it would take me days to talk about his rich career punctuated by awards. However, we will try to tell you something about this man in this first part of his long biography.
So he was born on December 31, 1951 in Abidjan in the famous town of Treichville in the capital of Ivory Coast, his real name is GALET Bailly Sylvestre known as Bailly Spinto. As a student at Jean Bosco Catholic School, he joined the singing group Valiant Hearts, which at his age was already influenced by the soul music of James Brown, Otis and all these great voices of black American music. This was a godsend for him to pursue his art alongside his studies. Everything was easy for him because music was already in his blood, as the prosaic saying goes. At just 10 years old, young Gallet won his first prize with an iron useful for the precocious sapper he was and a discus. Rebelote at the age of 16, where he won the first prize for a song for young people at RTI. Then he entered the song of the Ivory Coast with his first group Les Wan Plus, before the Fétiches and, in my opinion, the most famous at the time, the New Systèm Popa at the club Med of Assinie with which he made a world tour in 1970 that took him to Morocco, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, USA. But as surprising as it was, despite his ten-year career, the production companies said he was not yet ready enough. Resilient without discouragement, he joined Paul Becher's music school in Paris from 1976 to 1978 and began his solo career there. The rest speaks for itself. In 1979 he released the big hit “Taxi Sougnon”. Ah my “Tina” my beautiful Gô in the police town of Abobo (when I lived with my late elder brother Paulin Kobri) “breckee” (flirted) on this famous hit. which pushed Bailly to the top of all at the end of 79 and the beginning of 80. He remained number 1 for a long time. In 80-81. he continued with Pavoine in 81-82. issued “Anoummé” no. 1 3 years as well as all the singles that followed. He then remained number 1 in Ivorian music:
The Golden Ram of the Ivory Coast, Kunde d'Or 1985 in Burkina Faso
Trophy for the best African voice in Lomé 1988. Knight for cultural merit. In 1992, he was the first West African artist to play at the legendary Olympia hall in Paris with the Africando troupe. Pride for the country recognized by President Houphouët who also received it
Bailly Spinto has 17 albums under his belt, two including one with the group Africando and another with ex-footballer-turned-singer Lato Crespino. In addition to the above awards, Bailly has several other awards, including the Ascad Award (Cultural Association of Africa and the Diaspora),
. (Universal Association of All Successful Artists) Structure presided over by the Head of State, UNESCO African Languages ​​Award, Ivory Coast Golden Ram Song, Trophy for Best Artist of the 80's received in 2007, Knighthood of the National Order of Phew! It would take an entire library to display all these prices in abundance. A testament to Grand Bailly's immense talent. In his rich repertoire, the most represented title is undoubtedly Menouho, a title based on a true story. It is a true masterpiece that all generations enjoy. But be careful, very demanding and with the openness we know from him, he does not like people to massacre his titles and therefore does not hesitate to let you know. A true perfectionist. At the age of 72, he is still full of ideas and prepares contributions with the younger generation. We won't tell you anymore. Wait and see how they say in English. However, we can already reveal to you that after the performance on April 13, he will return to Paris to prepare the album. We are already looking forward to it. But long before that, half a century of career is celebrated only once in a lifetime, so don't miss this date. All Taxis Sougnoa (Taxi Drivers) in Paris and its region have already fixed this date to transport you that day regardless of whether you are rich or poor (poor in bheté).

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