for Muriel Hermine, hyperactive after her career

In his schedule, almost nothing is overcrowded. At 60, Muriel Hermine is a busy woman. And it would almost be an understatement to say that. “Sport has developed such a working capacity that I don't mind working 13 to 15 hours a day. I need various and multiple activities because I like to enrich myself with everything”, smiles the woman who, after innovative water shows in the 90s, in addition to radio shows and a YouTube channel, also turned to coaching.

Always with one idea in mind: to share my experience with companies, individuals or anyone who wants to. “My goal is always, today, to convey what life has allowed me to experience. Society is not doing well and people need to be trusted, but also show that they can trust themselves in order to move forward. My career has allowed me to develop tools that help with this,” continues the woman who heads the association of students who have left the school system.

Career as a source of inspiration

An audience that is motivated by his sports career, woven from ups and downs, especially on Olympic scale. And an almost inexhaustible source of instruction for those profiles in search of a rebound of which she was one day a part. “The fact that I was at the Olympics gives me credibility. When I talk to young people, they know that I have experienced this in myself. This authenticity of speech can only be expressed because it has been experienced. When I talk to them about failure, I really tell them about failures and how we can recover from them,” she recalls, who at the age of 15 had to decide between sports and studies when her high school Grammont in Tours deemed her not to have the required level of education. .

A choice of sport that he does not regret, several decades later. “I always tell people: take your kids to sports, make them play sports. “Whether they are champions or not, the values ​​it conveys are values ​​we find everywhere in adult life,” she concludes.

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