For Usher, the 2024 Super Bowl comes at the right time to celebrate his 30th career

After a thirty-year career, singer Usher is making his dream come true by performing at the 2024 Super Bowl.

Aaron J. Thornton / WireImage After a thirty-year career, singer Usher is making his dream come true by performing at the 2024 Super Bowl.

MUSIC – Usher's dream came true. The Super Bowl, an event anchored in the American sports landscape, has become more than a sporting event, but also a true musical celebration during halftime. And this year, all the spotlights will be on the stage to welcome Usher.

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With the slightest misstep that could tarnish his reputation as an undisputed RnB legend, the 45-year-old singer is bound to deliver an exceptional performance during this Super Bowl. But for him the event comes at the right time. Indeed, it's the perfect opportunity for Ush to reclaim his place at the forefront of the music scene and give a boost to his career, which has slowed since the release of his Hard II Love album eight years ago.

Usher's performance at the Super Bowl will give him tremendous exposure in promotion of Coming Home, his ninth album, released this Friday, February 9, two days before the event.

New album right before the Super Bowl

The album includes twenty songs including songs with singers HER and Summer Walker, as well as a song with rapper 21 Savage. That's not all, Usher shares duet songs with rapper Latto, but also with Nigerian singer Burna Boy and Jung Kook, the vocal leader of the famous K-pop group BTS.

By associating the Super Bowl with this new album, Usher can hope to get off to a good start, as artists who go there gain popularity on streaming platforms immediately after the show. This was the case of Rihanna in 2023, as explained by Variety. “(Rihanna's) total streams on Spotify increased more than 640% across the United States, based on streaming data observed between halftime on February 12th and February 5th, 2023.”

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Furthermore, unlike his peers who are forced to reduce their repertoire to a performance of 11 to 13 minutes, Usher's performance will last 15 minutes. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he confided, “I can't explain how I achieved it, but it's something I was able to achieve.” These precious extra minutes will give him the opportunity to sing and dance one, or even two more songs than his predecessors. Another chance to shine.

Usher, the stage beast

Usher just finished a two-year stint in Las Vegas. To satisfy his European fans, he also performed in Paris, holding eight concerts at La Seine Musicale between September 24 and October 5, 2023. A must-see event for RnB fans who spent a small fortune to attend. Attend, with tickets from 419 euros and more.

The 45-year-old singer performed his most famous songs, along with wild choreography, including the legendary moonwalk on roller skates, thus paying tribute to the king of pop.

Apart from his famous hit Yeah! Usher is responsible for many classics, including the Grammy-winning U Remind Me and Climax. He is also known for his dance and electro hits such as Without You with David Guetta and OMG with, with whom he previously shared the Super Bowl stage in 2011.

During this tour, which ended on December 2, Usher proved that he is a proven showman, capable of performing for hours. It is logical then that he immediately performs at the Super Bowl.

This time, Usher is the main artist, not a guest. With this, he joins his idols Michael Jackson and Prince in the small circle of artists who have had the privilege of performing during the Super Bowl. A moment he is looking forward to, as he stated in an interview with Billboard. “I'm so ready for this moment. I can't wait to sing and dance better than ever before to celebrate my 30th career. »

The Super Bowl airs this Sunday, January 11, unencrypted on M6. This year, the San Francisco 49ers meet the Kansas City Chiefs.

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