From field to career: a sports workshop on skills transfer for 15 young girls

young girls practice basketball

young girls practice basketball

According to a May 2019 Cadremploi/Michael Page study on the subject, 62% of directors and managers believe they are ready to hire mainly on the basis of non-technical skills: team spirit, autonomy, taking initiative, creativity, communication skills… Why emphasize these skills above technical skills? “Simply because your employer will train you in technical skills that are learned, while transversal skills are acquired through life and experience,” Khalid tells the workshop participants. This is why the Nexity Foundation implements skills development activities for the users of its partner associations, in order to facilitate their professional integration.

On the daily program, basketball drills in the magnificent gym of the E2C campus, to create a spark and develop soft skills useful on the court and at work. Khalid's training allows participants to work on their concentration, address the concept of anticipation and strengthen their team spirit.


Motivated by the coaches and their E2C supervisors, the young girls quickly pick up the game and even the most timid participate enthusiastically and discover their leadership. They encourage each other, strategize and rejoice at every basket scored. “I liked being celebrated, because I'm not used to it,” confides one of the young girls during the morning conversation.

In the afternoon, participants understand the concept of a career by talking to Abdo about his career, the obstacles he encountered after leaving school in the 5th grade and the tools he put in place to raise them, until he became the National Technical Director of APELS.


Now an independent program coordinator specializing in sports, Abd has developed an effective methodology based on his passion for sports and his journey, which he shares with honesty and humor. Between 2 slides on perseverance and the importance of organization, he encourages young women to believe in their dreams and write them down to make them come true.

At the end of the day, we find young women who have regained their confidence and realize that they already have a lot of resources inside of them. “Thank you for this day, it was amazing, if there is another one, you will call me directly!”, asks Noah at the end of the training.


The mission of the École de la 2e Chance (E2C) in Marseille is to ensure, through work training and original pedagogy, the social and professional integration of young adults aged 16 to 25 who have left the school system without qualifications and unemployed (NEETs), holders of university or equivalent degrees and have difficulties in employment.

Dedicated to equal opportunities, especially for young people aged 14 to 26, the Nexity Foundation has put the symbolic day of March 8 under the theme Power of Action. In Tours, Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Montpellier and Strasbourg, the Foundation, together with its partners, carried out actions to enable 90 young girls to discover their full potential through self-knowledge workshops, skills transfer or public performance.

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