Galan. ADMR salutes the career of Yvonne Defer

A good number of volunteers and employees of the local ADMR (association for domestic help) gathered around Yvonne Defer, who, after fifteen years of work in the association, has just realized her pension rights. The president, Daniel Ader, followed the career of this very deserving employee of the home. He emphasized his good integration within the Galanese group: “You were able to adapt your teamwork with your colleagues and clients. You listened to the advice of others and clients who gave you certain knowledge about the tasks to be done. accomplish (…) Sometimes, if if necessary, you knew how to make positive decisions to bring comfort and relief to people with less autonomy.” In addition to her professional engagement, Yvonne Defer fully invested in spreading the image of ADMR among the population. She distributed leaflets and posters at garage sales, which she regularly attended, to announce similar protests organized by ADMR from Galan. Although now retired , she decided to continue these actions she was carrying out with her sister Pierrette. Then the moment of words gave way to that of gifts. The oldest manager, André Caillet, and the youngest, Christian Barbat, accompanied by Daniel Ader, offered him flowers and gifts. Happy but intimidated , Yvonne Defer thanked everyone with a short but sincere word.After this “official” moment, the exchange continued about the “going away drink” and his buffet.

Book Fair

On Sunday, March 3, ADMR is organizing its first book fair of the year. Exhibitors and authors who wish to participate are invited to call (working hours) or

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