Gambardella: what kind of career for the finalists of the 2017 Olympic Games?

What happened to the 14 players who took part in the lost final of the Gambardella Cup under the colors of OM? Not everyone managed to break through. Concentration.

They have a very good career

Of course, we have to start with Boubacar Kamara. The captain of this generation of finalists became an undisputed starter at OM before becoming a French international and now playing in the Premier League. The second most famous on this list is Lucas Perrin, who played 13 games for OM before becoming a starter at Strasbourg where he is closing in on 100 games in Ligue 1. Let's not forget Yusuf Sarri either. Sold for several hundred thousand euros in Turkey after playing 4 games with the professionals, the diminutive right wing has become a member of the Turkish national team this season and is a safe bet in the championship under the colors of Adana Demirspor. Martégal is building a very good career.

We saw a bit of them with OM, but they've struggled since then

Christopher Rocchia seemed to have a bright future, but he couldn't seem to confirm it. Without a club since last summer, his adventure in Ligue 2 with Dijon did not end well. We will remember his 5 games with OM. Like Rocchia, Florian Chabrolle did not find a club this summer. Released by AC Ajaccio, with whom he played very little in Ligue 1 last season, the offensive midfielder failed to assert himself in three games with OM. After struggling a lot, it seems that Abdallah Ali Mohamed is finally winning with Lausanne in the Swiss D1. Despite numerous appearances in the professional group, the Chamber international has never worn the Marseille jersey in an official match.

Eight out of fourteen did not break through

It is also a cruel football law. Of the fourteen finalists, eight of them failed to progress to a high level in their football career. Sacha Marazović is perhaps an exception, as the Croatian midfielder is still playing professionally in Bosnia with Gabel. He will be familiar with many clubs in Eastern Europe, including time at Domžale in Slovenia and several clubs in Croatia. Raouf Mroivili tried his hand at an adventure in Metz, but apart from a good loan in Belgium Sereing we can't remember anything interesting. Housseine Zakouani, Christ Gnapele, Kevan Mezine and Malik Ousfane have regional careers. Albanian striker Gent Dinaj has been without a club for three years and had an adventure in Luxembourg. Finally, goalkeeper Suan Besic is also without a club after attempting a career in Portugal, hardly playing there.

The Olympic eleven lost on penalties to Montepllier in 2017

Bešić – Ali Mohamed, Kamara, Perrin, Rocchia (Ousfane, 63) – Marasović, Mezine (Gnapele, 85), Mroivili (Sari, 46) – Zakouani, Dinaj, Chabrolle

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