Gervinho (ex-LOSC): “The best season in my career, I never forgot LOSC”

Last December, Gervinho returned to the North. At the same time, the 2011 French champion returned to Domaine de Luchin where he gave an interview to the club's communications unit.

Gervinho (36 years old) is a big name in the modern history of LOSC. He was one of the central players in Lille's attack during the 2010-2011 double strikes. But after the young man arrived in the North after two good first seasons in Le Mans, the Ivorian did not need much time to adapt and integrate into the team. After starting the season on the bench, he convinced Rudi Garcia on the field. With this, he takes his place in the first lineup and scores goals. According to him, Rudi Garcia, whom he knew already in Le Mans, had a great influence on his integration, but he was not the only factor: “What made my adaptation easier was coach Rudi Garcia. Both the players and the staff accepted me well. I had a few months to adjust, but then I moved on. There was the role of coach, but also complicity with teammates. The coach can do whatever he wants, but if there is no complicity with his teammates, it will be difficult on the field.”

“When I think about everything I experienced in Lille, I have only good memories”

During his time at LOSC, Gervinho was linked with Moussa Sow and Eden Hazard in an attacking trio that left its mark. The three forwards proved to be complementary and complementary which greatly contributed to the feat of the duo in a team that was very good. He recounts this understanding: “We got along well. A little more with Moussa Sow and Eden Hazard because that was the year we were champions, he answers. But there was also a good understanding with Pierre-Alain Frau or before the arrival of Mousse Sow, there was also Tulio De Melo. I think the fact that Moussa Sow is a movement player, like Eden and myself, made the task easier for the coach. It was a great year when we were champions.”

After a good season and a double with Lille, Gervinho moved to Arsenal. An expected departure after a promising start to his career. He led England and the Premier League at only 24 years old. Although he stayed in the north of France for only two seasons, there are many positive memories. He remembers only these: “We cannot forget the past moments, even if they were difficult. We must remember what is positive in life.” One of Gervinho's memories is the Great Stadium. Although he never set foot on the Decathlon Arena – Stade Pierre Mauroy as a player, he was one of its architects, laying the first stone. Because of all this, the White-haired man is still attached to the club and the city he continues to follow: “When I think of everything I experienced in Lille, I have only good memories. I am still attached to this city. This is the best season of my career. I never forgot LOSC. I always follow the club and the results. I was angry a few years ago when we almost went down. We all prayed to God that this would not happen. Fortunately, they held their own and in the years that followed surpassed themselves,” confides Bjelokosac, who alludes to the title of French champion won ten years later, during the 2020/21 season.

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