Haut-Jura. This shooting club wants to move: “Career would be ideal”

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Posted 2 March 24 at 6:26 pm

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Saint-Claude-Lizon Sports Target is looking to expand. THE sports shooting club from Saint-Claude AND Coteaux-du-Lizon currently occupies the basement of professional workshop in Ravilloles for sport rifle and air pistol shooting. But the club lacks space for all activities to take place.

Just shooting, Elsa, barely aged 10 years and already very focused on her rifle shooting: “I like the precision of the gun. You need attention and relaxation. The rifle is quite heavy, it weighs 4.5 kilograms. It takes concentration and holding your breath, it takes seven seconds for the rifle not to move and not to fire. I do a series of 40 balls. » Like her, the sports club welcomes a thirty licensed, from 7 to 77 years.

Looking for a career or available land

The club has been staying in these premises owned by v community of the commune of Haut-Jura Saint-Claude. The advantage of this space is that it also offers equipped stations for sports for people with disabilities.

“The club has a certificate for sports for people with disabilities,” he explains Michel Cordonnier, president of the club. “But you can see that the rooms here are cramped, we don't have a big stand like in Morez. We would have an outside tribune, 25 to 50 meters away, we would have more than a hundred members there without a problem! »

The club is looking for relocation. But there are many limitations to adapting a sports shooting club : “We are looking for suitable land, sheltered, in a quiet place, without a house within 500 m… A quarry would be ideal for example… But it is not easy. Our aspiration is to be able to grow in order to have a better development. »

From our correspondent Guy Monneret.

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