his crazy career as an astrologer, which he pursued in secret

Françoise Hardy is a star of French song. The great lady of the sixties, she made us all sing with her hit “All boys and girls”. These are modern years! At that time we danced to yéyé vinyls, popular among baby boomers. Julien Clerc, Iggy Pop, Etienne Daho, Henri Salvador… Not forgetting Benjamin Biolay and Pascale Daniel, she collaborated with big names. Jacques Dutronc's wife left an indelible mark on the French audiovisual landscape. Tons of records sold, numerous singles that are still sung today… The performer's fruitful career is also well founded in the musical sense. And she more or less moved away from it. In the city, he has a great love for… Astrology! She was also trained to learn all about the mysteries of heaven. A secret “career”, in short, from which we lift the veil.

The head of state and a famous singer had the right to his predictions

Therefore, during the 1970s, Françoise Hardy devoted herself to astrology. During a short crossing of the musical desert, she made this decision. A decision of the heart, all in all, for the passionate person she is today. “As I'm a bit of a behind-the-scenes student, I wanted to take lessons in something and I came across astrology lessons.” So that's how she got into it. And the stars rewrite that love even in their works… Yes! She wrote several horoscopes and published a book titled Universal Astrology in 1987. Not forgetting the more recent one, Rhythms of the Zodiac in 2003. Big names in PAF were also entitled to read astral subjects. Like, for example, Julien Doré and Mr. Emmanuel Macron!

Françoise Hardy: her undeniable love for astrology

“Our first conversations were first about my astral chart that she made before she saw me,” Julien Doré revealed earlier in a podcast on the subject. This followed his collaboration with Françoise Hardy. If astrology is still unclear to many scientists, it is clear that this approach is helping many. Mysterious, subject to interpretation, which detractors accuse of charlatanism, it still has wind in its sails. “She allows us to do so, for our greatest happiness,” reads the back cover of Ritm's Zodiac, written by Thomas Dutronac's mother. The latter therefore sees it as a way “to lift part of the veil from the respective personalities and rhythms of the zodiac”. Writers, musicians, actors and even politicians are fans.

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