How is recruitment in the civil service carried out?

How is the admission of civil servants to the civil service carried out?

The main way to public service is competitive exams. There is something for all profiles and almost all professions in the public service. The competitions are divided into three categories, A, B and C. Each is intended for candidates with a more or less advanced degree and for positions with more or less responsibility.

Successful completion of the competitive examination allows you to join one of the three sides of the civil service: civil, territorial and hospital.

Civil servant (FPE) and hospital (FPH) competitive exams

In the civil and hospital civil service, the winners of the competition automatically become permanent civil servants after the trial period.

Territorial tenders for the civil service (NPP)

On the other hand, the competitive exam passed in the regional civil service does not constitute admission to service. The winner is entered on the appropriate list for a certain period and must report to the local authority.

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If he finds a place with one of them, he is accepted as a civil servant trainee and after trial work is accepted into the service.


Civil service: what is a project contract?

Can we enter the civil service without a tender?

Only in working bodies or frameworks of category C

It is possible to enter the civil service without taking the competitive exam. But only in certain categories or working frameworks in category C whose starting grade is equivalent to the lowest salary grade in the civil service (C1 salary index).

Job available without tender

Jobs that can be performed in the civil service without passing the competitive exam are mainly:

  • Administrative assistant responsible for executive administrative tasks, reception and secretarial tasks.
  • Technical associate in charge of manual or technical tasks and vehicle management.

Pages for job search in public services

It is possible to consult job offers without tenders on the following pages:

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  • Select public service,
  • Employment portal of Territorial Centers for Civil Service Management and CNFPT,
  • French Hospital Federation, Public Aid – Paris Hospitals (AP-HP),
  • Public assistance – hospitals in Marseille (AP-HM), civilian hospices in Lyon.


Index scale of civil servants: definition, method of operation and calculation

How to enter the civil service as a contract worker?

Becoming a contract worker is another way to join the civil service without taking the competitive exam. The latter is employed by a public employer, from three sides of the civil service, for a fixed or indefinite period. A non-permanent contract worker does not have the same status as a civil servant.

Therefore, it does not have the same kind of compensation and the same prospects for professional development. However, he is subject to most of the same rights and obligations.

How to access public service through Pact?

Pact (pathway to a career in the territorial, hospital and state civil service) offers the possibility of employment in category C jobs in the civil service.

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Conditions for access

The benefit of this course is reserved for:

  • Young people aged 28 or under without a diploma or professional qualification or whose qualification level is lower than a baccalaureate.
  • Long-term unemployed persons aged 45 and over and beneficiaries of active solidarity income (RSA), special solidarity (ASS) or allowance for disabled adults (AAH) and for the overseas departments and communities of Saint Barthélémy, Saint Martin and Saint Pierre-et -Miquelon, minimum income for integration (RMI) or single parent allowance (API).

In addition, you must have French citizenship, be in the process of naturalization or belong to a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area, Andorra, Monaco or Switzerland.

Fixed-term contract from 12 to 24 months

Pacte contract is a full-time contract for a fixed period of 12 to 24 months. It allows you to monitor work and study for a period of one to two years.

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At the end of the course, the user is established in the target job group or framework.

To apply for an offer or submit your candidacy, you must contact your France Travail advisor.


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Where to apply for a job offer in the civil service?

The three public services offer numerous job offers, especially on the above-mentioned sites. Everyone can apply for these offers by sending their application (cover letter and CV).

Don't ignore spontaneous applications by specifically introducing yourself to local authorities such as town halls.

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