how NASA investigates UFOs

In its 134th episode, Sixième Science, a science podcast from Sciences et Avenir et 20 minutes, describes how NASA will use its scientific expertise to investigate UFOs.

Airplanes, balloons, stars, lamps, satellites, drones, clouds, optical effects and sometimes unidentified abnormal phenomena: so many possible visions with undefined characteristics. Faced with a signal outage on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, ie, almost 200 reports in one year – as many as in the last two decades – the United States made an unprecedented decision: to involve NASA and ask for its scientific expertise.

700 UFO reports per year, 3% remain unexplained

For this 134 episode, Sixth Science, scientific podcast from Sciences et Avenir and 20 minutes, aims to explain everything to you. In front of the microphone, Franck Daninos, a journalist specializing in fundamental topics at Sciences et Avenir, answers questions from Romain Gouloumès for 20 minutes.

Both say that a group of experts brought together by a well-known agency has been mobilizing various instruments (telescopes, satellites, high-resolution cameras) for several months to carry out their mission. In France, this is done by Geipan (a group for studies and information on space phenomena), which receives about 700 reports a year, of which 3% end up being unexplained.

The study of UFOs is sometimes a source of unusual facts

But sometimes the study of UFOs can also lead to facts that are unusual to say the least. An example from 2020 with an observation reported by a person looking at Jupiter with their binoculars and seeing moving veins appear… In fact, the binoculars were not adjusted and the observer was looking at… his bottom! The superimposed patterns were actually related to these so-called entoptic vision mechanisms, known for a long time but little described.

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While you wait for NASA to explain the inexplicable, you should take the time to read our article “UFO: NASA will lead the investigation. You can also consult the entire archive of Sixième Science and subscribe for free to Apple(…)


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