How to improve your career with the Open to work LinkedIn badge?

Since 2020, the Open for Work badge has caused controversy. Pros, cons, instructions for use… Here's everything you need to know to activate it or not with full knowledge of the facts!

Indispensable for nurturing your professional network, LinkedIn with its 1 billion users is growing, much to the delight of opportunity hunters.

You still have to pay attention to the functionalities, understand them and use them well.

Since 2020, the Open for Work badge has caused controversy. Advantages, disadvantages, instructions for use…

Here's everything you need to know to consciously subscribe to it and get the most out of it.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

open for work badge

In three words on a green background, the Open to work LinkedIn badge turns your LinkedIn profile picture into a powerful signal.

A priori, it is difficult to find you on a well-known professional social network without knowing that you are free for a (new) job.

Notice to recruiters, sources and other headhunters: You are open to any suggestions.

Here it is useful to recall that, according to the latest estimates, 80% of recruitment companies recognize LinkedIn as an invaluable pool of talent to be conquered.

It's possible that this visual causes you some reluctance: it's a little flashy, isn't it?

That is why the Open to work LinkedIn badge deserves detailed attention, and not its immediate activation on the profile or, on the contrary, dedication to criticism.

Is the Open to Work LinkedIn badge right for you?

This is a real question that we will help you answer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the LinkedIn Open to work badge?

Clearly showing your availability in the job market is a choice you need to make… or not.

Many criteria must be taken into account to determine whether, in your situation, the most profitable strategy will also be the most transparent.

We know to what extent mentalities and practices differ from country to country.

Therefore, an Anglo-Saxon who is used to talking about cash can be confused by the culture of secrecy that is so popular among Latins!

Even if it must be admitted that in the economic sphere pragmatism eats away the soil, including the most refined societies.

Depending on the situation of a newly graduated student on the threshold of employment, unemployed for several months or the head of his company, it is certain that we will not share the same modesty.

Likewise, a job in tension will allow the candidate to openly demonstrate his availability.

Ultimately, it's all about context and what's at stake.

If you have more to gain than to lose by flashing the “active search” indicator, there's no doubt that the Open to work LinkedIn badge is for you!

A badge that knows how to be discreet… but be careful!

Let's be honest. If, without a job, you are desperately looking for one, the Open to work badge has only advantages.

Better: Depriving yourself of it would unnecessarily complicate your approach. The same applies to any precarious status: temporary or self-employed worker, trainee, etc.

On the other hand, if, as a permanent owner, you want to keep a watchful eye and look for opportunities, it is possible that your employer will be moderately grateful to see you show your desire to fly. In the ruthless business world, we have seen people treated badly for less than that!

However, an important feature of the Open to Work badge: you have a choice between making it visible to all community members or targeting recruits only.

In the second case, you allow yourself some discretion, especially in relation to your employer if you do not want to include him in your approach…

We say some discretion since your employer is, by definition, also a recruiter who might have a desire to replace you without giving you the initiative to fire. Furthermore, everyone knows that the Internet is a village where the best hidden information circulates at the speed of light… sometimes along obscure paths.

How to activate the Open to work badge?

Have you weighed the pros and cons and decided to take the plunge? Let's go!

· To activate the Open to Work LinkedIn badge, log into your profile using your email and password, then pull down the “You” tab at the top of the screen.

· Then select “View profile” (blue box).

· When you are on your profile, select the “My Goals” section (top right), then “Look for a new job”.

Looking for a new job

· The form then allows you to indicate what you want to include in your search: title and type of job sought, geographic parameters, etc. Please note: the new “Remote” and “Hybrid” options allow you to specify your preferences in terms of on-site work/ remote work.

Various job filters

· The button “Choose who can see that you are listening” allows you to choose the option you are interested in: “all LinkedIn members” or “only recruits”.

· Finally, click on “Add to profile”.

Welcome to Open to work LinkedIn!

Good to know to be fully prepared: as a general rule on LinkedIn, recruiters contact candidates via the Inmail function (a service offered in the LinkedIn Recruiter solution).

Once the Open for Work feature is activated, it's important to respond to all recruiters even if you have little or no interest, otherwise you risk having your badge deleted and thus missing out on opportunities.

Looking for a learning position? After selecting “My Goals”, select the “Intern” option in the “Job Type” filter.

How to deactivate Open to work?

Have you found your dream job and want to remove the Open to Work LinkedIn badge? Nothing easier!

· Click on your LinkedIn profile picture.

· Under the title of your profile, in the “Listening for new opportunities” section, click the pencil to edit the information.

· A new window opens, scroll to the bottom and click “Delete”, then “Save”.

· The Open to work function is deactivated, the badge disappears from your profile picture.

Does your profile look its best?

Wait a minute! Before you rush to your LinkedIn account to activate your Open to work badge, make sure it won't lead to your downfall, i.e. a confusing, incomplete profile full of redundant information.

Really, once a recruiter finds you, don't wait too long. Photo, title, content, keywords, everything must be studied and arranged neatly. Your LinkedIn profile is your best business card.

Give yourself the means to do this as effectively as possible, if necessary by using the services of a LinkedIn expert, your career is worth this investment.

Now is the time to show that you are ready for work in every sense of the word.

In just 2 minutes, encourage your future recruiter to express their interest with the opportunity to get to know you better.

A strategic tool for dynamic professionals

Still a little put off by showing yourself as a job seeker with the Open for Work badge?

Keep in mind that among a crowd of candidates who are more determined than you, and even with a solid resume, you'll be harder to spot for recruiters who we know need to cut to the chase.

Furthermore, considering the LinkedIn Open to Work badge solely as a tool to get out of a period of inactivity would be simple, as it is also part of a healthy career management strategy by attracting unexpected missions.

Yes, sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

In short, what to remember about the Open to work LinkedIn badge

· The Open to work badge is a simple and effective way to show on your LinkedIn profile that you are interested in new professional opportunities.

· A simple setting allows you to make the badge visible to all LinkedIn members or only to recruiters.

· Respond to all recruiters who contact you via email.

· If you are already in a position, weigh the pros and cons before activating your Open to work LinkedIn badge.

That's all for my new article, don't hesitate to share it on your social networks to help your network, Emmanuelle Petiau.

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