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Andy Murray, 36, was eliminated in the first round of the tournament in Marseille after losing to Tomas Machac 7-5, 6-4 on Tuesday. This is the fourth time this season that Murray has been eliminated in the first round of a tournament.

“How do you feel after this defeat?
I did some things a little better than in Montpellier. He had a good match, he served very well, very precisely. I didn't play a good game at 5-5 in the first set. In return, I didn't create many chances. I would like to come back better. But I expected to suffer against a player who likes indoor and low-bounce courts that suit his game. It moves very well.

What is the “process” of regaining trust through your experience?
The only way is to find solutions to get matches. It can also be played in training, working on your game and sensations. But what happens in training doesn't always translate into the game. In 2016, when I finished ranked 1st in the world, my coach told me that I won maybe two or three training sessions throughout the year… This year I won almost everything and I can't win a single match! You have to compete, that's the only thing that counts. You might have to go in the Challenger.

We saw that you reacted angrily to Xu in an article in which a reporter suggested that it might be time for you to end your career…
I wasn't screaming into my phone while reading this article, but mostly I was disappointed. People who know my career know how difficult it can be to achieve what I did after my hip problem. This has not been done in other sports. I hope that many other players will be able to continue after such an operation (installation of a prosthesis).

It would be easiest for me to end my career. But I continue because I love the game, I love training. At the moment, for sure, it is not easy in the competition. But what is happening right now does not affect my career in any way. No amount of losing streaks will change what I accomplished when I was fit and with two hips. That's why I was disappointed. I have known the person who wrote this article for a long time.

What level do you think you can go back to?
In Beijing and Bercy last year, I lost two matches against de Minaur while serving for the match, with match points. This happened in the last three months. It is very rare that you lose in such conditions. But he is in the top 10 and I lost narrowly, like against Tsitsipas or Paul. I can be competitive.

But when you can't win, you also lose confidence. I've never experienced that in my career. When I lost a week early, I usually managed to do better the following week. I lose there more often, and I don't have the experience for that… And obviously there were matches like last week (against Paire) where it was more difficult. »

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