“I would like to stay with the Warriors my whole career”

Asked about his plans at the end of the current NBA season, Klay Thompson talked about the different options available to him. If he intends to listen to the offers of several other teams, he tells The Athletic that his main desire is to stay in Golden State. Until the end of his career.

Signing a new contract with the Warriors, the dream plan for Klay Thompson? In any case, that's what he hinted to The Athletic recently. The Splash Bro is having a particularly difficult season as a player (not a very good one), since Steve Kerr benched him completely, to play the role of the sixth man. A big change that – on paper – does not bode well for the continuation of his joint adventure with the Warriors.

Several rumors have mentioned his desire to listen to the market this summer to see where he can get the best contract. While not denying the allegations, Thompson is nuanced, indicating that his new role is not a significant obstacle to his desire to remain in San Francisco. An option that is now his main wish for the rest of his career.

“My new role is not really an obstacle. I mean, I'll still consider all the options available to me, but I'd like to be a warrior for the rest of my life.” – Klay Thompson.

The Lakers, Clippers, Heat and Magic would already like to go see KT11 to make him an offer, according to Shams Charania. It remains to be seen what Golden State will offer as well. Steve Kerr has been extended for two seasons, which could be the deciding factor in Klay's desired role next season. Financially, I'm not sure the Warriors have any particular advantage over other teams. Especially with the latest rumors talking about Mike Dunleavy's desire to bring in a superstar to back up Stephen Curry.

Source: The Athletic

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