“I'm afraid that…” Zaho de Sagazan worries about the rise of her career, which is what she fears the most

By Caroline Perrin

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From the first time her hands touched the keys of the piano and sang a song, Zaho de Sagazan certainly did not expect to end up five times nominated for the Victoires de la Musique. This Friday, February 9, 2024, the artist has a good chance to be awarded and her career to explode. An idea that he fears about certain aspects of his life.

“I'm afraid that…” Zaho de Sagazan worries about the rise of her career, which is what she fears the most

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Only one album was enough for Zaho de Sagazan to strike the French music scene. With La Symphonie des ├ęclairs, his first album, the 24-year-old artist is already winning awards. It must be said that she was nominated five times for the Victoires de la Musique, whose 39th ceremony will take place this Friday, February 9 at the Seine Musicale in Paris. Nominated in the Female Revelation, Stage Revelation, Album, Song and Audiovisual Creation categories, there's a good chance Zaho de Sagazan won't be going home empty-handed.

If music has been running through his veins for several years, it's only been a few months since Zaho de Sagazan really hit the headlines. She is also very proud of this trip and for good reason. Her album is the result of 7 years of work, which she started at the age of 15: “It is a symphony of 13 flashes, 13 emotions, strong and sometimes brutal, that led my life. It shows the girl I was, Zaho round as a marble, who hated his hypersensitivity, its uniqueness, which I look at today with great tenderness,” she says. Madame Figaro in the interview.

She continues: “This record is a very tender, terse, witty and serious confession, and I find it incredible that such an honest and imperfect work, made from the heart, has been received with such enthusiasm. It seems to me … Vertigo.” If being around such a young success has cost the mental health of several artists, like Stromae, Zaho de Sagazan is not afraid of this aspect of fame: “What the music industry asks of artists is sometimes unreasonable. It's not so much about releasing a record, it's about pre-insanity: music videos, promotions, concerts, tours, recordings… And again. Quickly a new album, in a loop, swing, hop! Even more! The worst thing is that we enter this spiral ourselves, throwing ourselves crazy challenges.”

Far from appreciating the fame that many seek, Zaho de Sagazan did not choose this profession “for the sake of fame”: “Fame does not interest me, I do not want to be adored. I do not want to be rich either, money is a vice in my eyes. What drives me? Doing art. It's a crazy opportunity to feel passion, to experience moments of deep solitude while writing. I'm aware that the path I've taken is full of responsibility, that I wouldn't have a normal life. But I accept all this.”

Love, his biggest dream

If she opens her arms to this success and this crazy life that is now available to her, she admits that there is still an aspect of fame that she fears: “There is one thing that scares me. I have not yet met love. I am extremely impatient to discover it and I regret that I could not to taste this happiness before starting his artistic career.”

The 24-year-old young woman, with her head on her shoulders, is well aware that the pace imposed by her career and all the events she has to organize can cost certain things: “I'm afraid that the people who attract me – simple and modest – don't be seduced by a girl who he goes on stage every night. I have 115 concert dates planned this year and I can't change my schedule anymore.” There is no doubt that Zaho de Sagazan, if love does not knock on his door this year, will always be able to count on female fans who will applaud him in all the cinemas in France.

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