“I'm no longer in love with cinema”: Mathieu Kassovitz speaks without a filter about the end of his career

Currently in full promotion of his new feature film The Kings of the Track in which he portrays the character of Sam, actor Mathieu Kassovitz is therefore making the rounds of televisions. The latter appeared this Thursday, March 7, on the show En Aparté on Canal+ where he specifically wanted to talk about the end of his career. “I'm no longer in love with cinema as I was before. The technology that makes it, the atmosphere of the cinema. I come from another era. I'm a diplodocus, although I'm not that old (…) I like all the platforms that allow all these directors to exist today, to make all these absolutely amazing films. The film continues to exist through that and that's very good, but as far as I'm concerned, I've done my part, I've been lucky enough to make some really amazing films, each one different from the last. If I can make this one, I hope “I know that I will retire after that because this will be the most important of all the films I will make and it is the strongest,” he explained.

This last film will be an adaptation of the comic called The Beast is Dead! Edmond Calvo published in 1944 “He interpreted the Second World War as seen by animals. It's not a script at all, it's not what I do at all. We don't respect the quality of the drawings which are absolutely magnificent because I'm making a real film where I'm making a real war film with soldiers, tanks , in the forest. I shoot everything real, no CGI, no special video effects. Everything is real, but then I add my own characters. I add rabbits that live parallel to the war between them and wolves. It's a war movie with animals,” he explained on Canal+.

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