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If his OHL team lost this Saturday on the turf of Sclessin, Tobe Leysen will be the best Louvanist in this matchup, saving his team on numerous occasions. We talked to him, who played this match in front of Handanović, Inter's recruiter.

Tobe, what can we say about this lost meeting in Sclesin. Is it a disappointment?

“Yes, because as long as the score was 1-0, we could still believe in a tie. But we have to admit that Standard's victory was deserved because they had the best chances. We couldn't be dangerous. Now we will play two important games against direct competitors. If we win, we can breathe.”

During this game, you stood out with a great defense of your line in the second half.

“It's a really tough save, the ball comes quickly. I'm also happy that my defence, behind, is attentive and clears the ball. But in the end, we don't take a point and that's what I remember”.

Samir Handanović, former goalkeeper of Inter, was also in the stands.

“Ah yes, I know him, a very good goalkeeper, tall, who was really very strong.”

Well, now he is a scout at Inter and we asked him who he came for, and he came to you.

“I'm surprised, I'm really honored. I didn't know it was there, and I didn't know it.”

You trained in Genk, like Courtois.

“Yes, he's my role model. I'm not saying I could have the same career as him, but when you see his games… the Champions League final against Liverpool, it was amazing. J “I like Donnarumma too (he says looking at the Italian colleague)”.

Is going to a club like Inter your goal?

“Right now I just want to work and play as much as possible. I arrived in the OHL in August, I played only 10 games in the league and my first goal is to save the club. I have a 4-year contract in Louvain, they trust me and it's in huge in my eyes. I have no plans for the rest of my career.”

At 21, Tobe Leysen has a good head on his shoulders. He, who was only the third goalkeeper at the beginning of the season, managed to climb the ladder and establish himself in the OHL in the Pro League. And when a former goalkeeper like Handanović comes to see him in Sclessin, he is not for the climate. The future is his.

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