Isabelle Yacoubou finished her career!

This decision follows his injury sustained during the game in Charleville-Mézières on January 24, despite attempts to receive treatment and rehabilitate him to finish the season.

Coming to the Tarbes Gespe Bigorre training center at the age of 17, Isabelle Yacoubou began her professional career at the Bigourdan club, with which she won the French championship in 2010 under the leadership of François Gomez. Then she left the Pyrenees for a long and beautiful sports journey, winning several trophies. In 2022, she will return to Tarbes to end her playing career and start her career as a coach. Despite the injury, she remains on the pitch for training and home matches, in order to prepare for her future role at the club as she will join the TGB staff next season. With this, she closes one of the biggest chapters of her playing career and writes a new one with TGB, which has always followed her.

International basketball star, Isabelle Yacoubou was silver at the 2012 Olympics with the “Braqueuses”, but also gold, twice silver and once bronze at the European Championships, a total of 147 selections for the French team. She won, among other things, the European championship in the Euroleague, one Eurocup, two French championships, four in Italy, one in Spain and one in Russia. On a personal level, the pivot was the MVP of the French championship twice, once of Italy, was selected in the main five of Euro 2013 and in the main five of the French championship in 2022-2023.

Committed to her roots and to Africa, Isabelle Yacoubou is an ambassador to Benin and regularly takes action in her country of origin. She is currently preparing her coaching diploma so that she can start a new coaching career next season, and is a commentator on France TV and Skweek.

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