Islamo-leftism in Sciences-Po on the verge of becoming a state affair

We knew that the prestigious school was already undermined by the fashionable theses of Wokism, neo-feminism or gender theory… Public opinion, which this morning revealed with horror that pro-Palestinian activists blocked the room on Tuesday and that “unspeakable” comments (according to Emmanuel Macron) were made against the UEJF student, who is awaiting sanctions. The far left minimizes the incidents.

At Sciences-po Paris, anti-Semitism is unfettered, the Palestinian cause visibly allows hatred of Jews to be expressed freely. So, supposedly to draw attention to Gaza, on Tuesday, March 12, the main lecture hall of the school was occupied by pro-Palestinian far-left associations. This did not change the situation on the ground, but it made it possible to add new anti-Semitic statements to those that have multiplied in our country. At Sciences Po, a student who was prevented from entering the amphitheater was verbally attacked because she was Jewish and a Jewish association.

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Disturbing cowardice

Faced with the scandal, the school's management issued a press release. In doing so, he manages to put on a facade of indignation that carefully avoids naming things and looking reality in the face. Thus, a Jewish student became a “member of the student community”, anti-Semitic remarks were turned into “accusatory remarks”, and in order to avoid mentioning that the Union of Jewish Students of France was a target, it was mentioned in “a special student association”. ! and how quickly anti-Semitism is evacuated! Such cowardice did not provoke a reaction from Internet users, and a corrected version of this shameful statement circulated

School vagrant

Mathias Vischerat. DR.

And now, on Wednesday, February 13, we learned about the resignation of the director of Sciences-po, Mathias Vicherat. I confess that I was astonished to think how the once spoiled child of a triumphant technocracy had taken responsibility and, in the face of such a failure, taken his own loss. But no way, the man is not resigning because he feels worried about the unrestrained anti-Semitism that is manifested in a school that should train the country's elite, but because of personal issues, he and his wife are suspected of domestic violence. The principal was apparently wandering as was his school.

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On the other hand, the Government reacted perfectly. Aurora Bergé, who has always shown courage on these issues, was clear: “What happened has a name: anti-Semitism. Asking people for their names, checking them at the entrance, equating their names with Israeli government policy… This is intolerable and illegal. Nothing will ever justify that.” As for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, there are no surprises. The rebel, whose slips are multiplying, increasingly resembles Jean-Marie Le Pen and approaches the “details of the story” talking about a “ridiculous incident” and abundantly quoting Rima Hassan, an activist who is not the last to sow hatred against Jews in the name of the Palestinian cause.

Palestinians instrumentalized

But what just happened is worrying. At Sciences-po, we should study law and history at the level of excellence. However, the Palestinian cause used to radicalize the Muslim population in Europe is often imbued with an Islamist interpretation. For a long time, Arab countries and societies were indifferent to the fate of the Palestinians. Until the Muslim Brotherhood made the existence of Israel a form of blasphemy, and its destruction a fiqh, a sacred obligation imposed on every member of the Ummah. But even to those who do not know this history, the way in which the Palestinian cause is exploited often seems crude. Everything boils down to historical falsification with the intention of fueling resentment and hatred. The main thing is not to improve the situation of the Palestinians: they are much more useful when they are unhappy. It is above all about achieving a delicate alchemy aimed at turning Jews into Nazis, eternally persecuted into executioners. And for that, no excess is forbidden.


Convincing an acculturated, poorly educated population belonging to an Arab-Muslim sphere where anti-Semitism is cultural is not very complicated and explains why the crime against humanity committed against the Jews has fueled the anti-Semitic explosion in Europe: we have witnessed the phenomenon of cultural decompensation among some where tribal violence from the country of origin had priority over compliance with European social standards and legality. The sign should not be taken lightly. But when enterism manifests itself in elite places of training such as Sciences-Po, and when it produces the most heinous anti-Semitism yet, the school's administration is unable to respond, says our moral collapse.

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Thus, in a school where we should know what a crime against humanity is, which means the return of the pogrom on October 7, it seems that few people have a conscience, and the issue of the return of crimes against humanity is hardly interested. On the other hand, in that same school, we do not hesitate to explain that there is genocide in Gaza and to occupy the lecture hall to condemn it, even though it is a complete lie.

Gabriel Attal moves Article 40

Even if what happened at this school was not a crime, such deficiencies in student training deserve a serious review. But actually, what happened is a criminal matter. This is why the Prime Minister initiated Article 40. This article obliges the competent authorities to take legal action in the event of a criminal offense or misdemeanor of which they are aware. At the end of the day on Wednesday, Sciences-po announced that it had also referred the case to the public prosecutor under Article 40.

Public opinion is hoping for the removal of the Islamic-leftist troublemakers

Let's hope this recommendation doesn't prevent the school from clearing its responsibility, but rather by stopping thinking of itself as a multicultural American campus where we “manage student bodies” and where teachers seem to be terrorized by their students. Then by harshly sanctioning the students who organized this occupation and those who participated in filtering and making anti-Semitic remarks. A proper dismissal, manu militari, would have unprecedented virtues.

According to a young girl who was turned away at the entrance to the lecture hall and who testified in Le Parisien, there is indeed an anti-Semitic climate at Sciences-Po, but it is the result of a minority. Most would not approve, but let it happen and the atmosphere is affected. Sciences-po would therefore become an allegory of the noise of the slippers of the elite in response to the noise of the boots of the fanatics. Regardless of what this affair says about the school that should train those who lead us, it does not make us want to be led by that elite.

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