“It would be the apotheosis of my career”: Rosa Murcia-Gangloff talks about her preparations for Paris 2024.

In full preparation for the Paralympic Games in Paris 2024, the athlete from Béziers achieved a high level a few days ago in Monaco. A very good sign for the future.

You finished first in the 10 km in Monaco and set a new French record a few days ago of 41'33. What do you remember from this performance?

I didn't think I would get such a good result. I am currently in full preparation, I have a lot of specific training, which means that I am very tired. In addition, the conditions were quite complicated. So it's good, I feel like there's been real progress since September. But even in these moments we must be careful not to get carried away. I know there is still a lot to do before the Games in Paris this summer.

You will also need to gain your qualification next spring.

Exactly. I was originally supposed to compete in the world championships in London on April 21st, but I will finally participate in the Paris marathon on April 7th. I had a choice between two races and I preferred Paris, it will be much simpler in terms of transport, preparation and even in terms of meals. I will also be going to Tunisia in March to confirm my classification (editor's note: visual impairment category T12) for this summer.

What will your goals be for this next big deadline in April?

The head of high performance in disability sports asked me not to push myself in this marathon, but to be in the top four or five in the world. My goal will obviously be to confirm the quota, but without going too fast and becoming the woman to beat at the Games. No need to put extra pressure on me.

Although the Games are still a long way off and a lot can happen, do you already have an idea of ​​your ambitions?

I am psychologically preparing to go as much as possible. When I was fit, it wasn't worth even dreaming about the podium, whatever the championship. At that time I was racing to set the best time possible. Today, given my time, I think I can challenge the best and try to be in the top four. The marathon will be the last at the Paralympic Games, on September 8. All the cameras will be pointed at us, it will be a lot of pressure. I also told Tony Estanguet, but as he understood me, or I will stay at home. My path in life was not always easy, I had to show a lot of resilience during all these years. So today I take everything that can be taken. And if I have the chance to win an Olympic medal in France, I will not deny it to myself. At the age of 60 (sic), that would be the apotheosis of my career when I should already be a grandmother (laughs).

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